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Pocky in your country! (Thread)

Pocky is awesome!


since pocky is a global brand, I am trying to know what kind of pocky that your country have and what are your favorites?

I love the almond nutty ones the most! the texture is so different from the usual one!

wow only chocolate, no strawberry? does Mikado means something in ur language or just a Japan name lol.

make me wonder how the name pocky comes about.

In my country we have Mikado, I think it's the only one we have; I haven't seen any others.

In normal stores there are only chocolate and strawberry. Seen almond crunch and men's pocky in special food stores.

Pocky! :D

Chocolate and Strawberry. :3

whoa didn't know pocky is a game!

perhaps Mikado was a separate company that sold those first in your country and owner of pocky bought over them and decide to retain that brand. no idea, need to research.

@tom what's men's pocky?

Well, at the local anime shop they had swirly pocky and nutty pocky and chocolate and strawberry, but the rest of the stores only carry the last two owo

@cloud. Men's pocky is just what they call dark chocolate pocky.

In my country there are Chocolate pocky, strawberry, milk, and choco banana :3
I love all of them <3

@Haruka-sama swirly pocky? What is that too?

It was like, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, and they had another that I think was chocolate and vanilla. It looked reeeeeally good

I love pocky!!!!! My sisters friend gets it from a korean store, and I believe they sell it at wal-mart.
My ever going collection<3

Well for where I live the choices of pocky change depending on each season and time they have different ones. The ones that are always available are the classics: strawberry, chocolate, dark chocolate, and nowadays Pocky thins and another kind of strawberry I think. (I haven't been buying pocky for a while now >>)

The kinds I do have are: 4 different kinds of Dessert Pocky (2 of which are 2 different cheesecakes i think), special Halloween strawberry pocky, 3 milk pockys (normal milk, caramel milk, and coffee milk), greentea, banana, 2 coconut ones(just diff looking boxes), winter pocky, mixed berry, blueberry, 3 thin pocky (just diff boxes, 2 of which are special Popteen ones), marble chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, 2 kinds of strawberry, 2 diff kinds of chocolate-on-chocolate, 2 boxes normal chocolate (small and big)....and I think thats it. I have seen pumpkin pocky but as I dislike pumpkins...I never got it XD

@pwoth So that's what you were doing earlier! XD

Jesus that's a lot of pocky...


D: pffff all pocky you lucky. (oh oh Pocky Lucky)

°3° SO the picture is MIKADO : D The pocky in France XDDD

I would take you to the super market to show you...but I'm too lazy. It really depends on the stock and the season though. Taiwan would probably have all the different kinds because it's so close to Japan and we have PLENTY Japanese imports.

D: lucky.

@pwoth how is the Halloween strawberry pocky like? and srsly cheesecake pocky? show me the dessert strawberry pocky I see in the photo, bish1!

@Stapler your taiwan pocky is from Thailand and not Japan :P

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