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Pocky in your country! (Thread) - Page 3

Pocky is awesome!


@erii-chi: there is also pocky in Wal-Mart in TX too. How many flavors do you have in the Wal-Mart in NC??

@cloud there's a pocky like snack called mikado?! 8D

Pocky is freaking amazing =D Just saying aha

us is just chocolate, and strawburri as far as i kno

I only tried the choclate stuff, my friend told me she didnt like strawberry lol.

The nearest place to get pocky where I live is two hours away. My friends and I stock up and buy it off of each other, it's only 2.50 a box :3

Never saw pocky in my country....

FUCK I DO I FOUND IT LIKE ...3 DAYS AGO mikado... so i kinda do like it just the choc makes me feel like im eating a coockie but in stick form ..

I think this is...half of the wall lol

just reading this thread made me really wanna get a pocky stick this minute XD here in the uk there's only mikado sticks so far haven't seen a pocky named pocky =)

In Germany arenĀ“t Pockys, here are MIKADOS, (whenever I see Mikado from Durarara I think of German Pockys xDDD)

The local Pasadena, TX anime fools (i wasnt alowed in the group, jerks) have a stock load of pocky that they wont share, jerks!

Pocky is yummy in my country.

since pocky is a global brand


@AsterRisk or you could just... go to a supermarket that carries them. Your local big city should do.

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