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Answer a question and ask another :D (Thread)

So you answer the question of the person above you...AND you ask another one. Simple~ Easy peazy Japanesey~ <--wtf

Do you like rabbits?
(rabbit year XD)

Yes, I love rabbits if they don't poo all over the place

Do you like carrot?

Yes I like carrots, especially in curry.

What will you do if you wake up with a machine gun in your hands?

Well..I would shoot the first four people I see outside my house :D

What would you do if you woke up to find that your gender is different?

I will be wondering if I should be a career woman or just a good housewife.

what would u do if ur hair is all gone when u wake up?

I will kill my brothers for doing it.

What would you do if a guy in a Lamborghini drove up to your house and asked you if you wanted it?

I will say no thanks, I'm don't believe in free lunch.

what would u do if u are kidnap by someone u like?

I would rape them her for kidnapping me .____.

What if you were given a million dollars?

I will send everyone on CL a gift.

What if you have to choose between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber?

Miley Cyrus! JB should just acting in more of such roles

What if you have to choose between chocolate pocky and strawberry pocky?

What animal will u be if u have to choose to be one?

dinosaur coz they're huge.

what will you do if justin beiber is a hunk?

IF? Justin Bieber IS a hunk. I'd tap dat ass.

What would you do, if you had the power of conjuring?

I'd conjure you here.

Which of the 7 Deadly Sin are you?

im wrath coz i think it sounds cool.

what kind of power would you want? i can peek~ jk. So i can take free rides...

What stationary tool are you?

the power to make ppl act rationally!

who will u save 1st if someone u love and your parent is drowning.

^why I got intercepted by u again! I thought of invisibility too but think it is pervy so changed my mind. (yes u peeking perv)

anyway, I will be a ruler and will measure people or punish them if they are wrong!

I am a computer! (I consider them a stationary tool :P spell check for the win.)

If it is my dad, the someone I love. If it is my mom, might not be able to choose.

What is your favorite language? (does not have to be spoken)

I love it when Lori speak french

who is your dream guy/girl?

Someone who is already taken XD Seems to be my fave type...

When did you last read a book?

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