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Colorless DC, Maryland, or Virginia (Thread)

So, I'm curious...who here lives in the DC Metro area?

@Dio and @Polnareff are friends of mine that hang out and we live in Woodbridge, so I wanna know~

DMV anyone? o wo


Did somebody say Dio?

@Dio I'm right next to you, genius. XD

@Fuse Where you at?

I'm in Virginia Beach, yo yo yo.

-raises hand-
Just outside of Baltimore, MD

Well I'm in china for now I have a place in moco but I'll be going to school in va beach

Virginia Beach...close. o: ..ish. XD

I'm surprised, is this it? That's not a lot of people.

Fairfax County, VA. I'm near woodbridge and alexandria....

to appease the GREAT gar let turn this in to a DMV discoussion thread

DMV Discussion thread? Well...

You have to wait in line forever and then when its finally your turn, you don't have the right papers. These are only some of the horrors of the Department of Motor Vehicles!!

Oh dear GOD even just hearing DMV sounds....scary... ; w;

Alexandria VA, that's inside Farifax.

@dai1313 That's like less than ten minutes away from my house...

That's like....20 minutes from Woodbridge. o 3o

It's nice to be near people I will never see in real life. Or perhaps we have passed each other and will never know. Perhaps at the DMV.

Perhaps if I shout loud enough InsaneBoredGame will hear me.

Do either of you two go to Katsucon?


@dai1313 I went to Katsu a couple years ago, and I might go next year. I'm planning on going to Otakon this summer, too. :P

OceanCity, MD!! woo! xD

-bump- just cuz i wanna see if there are anymore perhaps

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