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Pet Advice (Thread)

So i'll finally be moving into a place that allows pets and i'm really excited about the idea. My "family" have had pets since I was born, but "I" really have never had one. So I would really like some advice.

I would really prefer a cat or a dog, although I am open to suggestions. I always fed and took the dogs out for walks so I think i'm ok with basic care. But I can't have them making a mess in this place, it's too small, but I don't know to make sure I get a clean animal.

EDIT: After all the advice I have decided to get a cat.

tl;dr: What's a good starter pet? What are your new pet experiences?

Note: This is not a 'post your pet' topic, but I wouldn't mind hearing about them.

Dogs notice when you're gone and are sooo happy to see you when you're back. Everyday when I come home from school he's waiting for me. I dare you to find a single cat that does that.

Fish are the most boring-ass pets ever. Only get them if you want a living decoration you have to maintain and care for.

Birds are cute. You don't really get to hold them so I don't like them too much, but they're cute. Also noisy. They're really noisy. Only get them if you wouldn't mind the noise. Oh, and never leave them outside. A raccoon/possum/stray cat will steal them away unless they've got some sort of good cage and good protection. And you also have to watch out for the cold. High chance that they'll die.

I'll go through cats and dogs too, but I guess it'll help if you tell us where you live (country)~

But those aside, I'm pretty sure it'll be easy and nice to start with something furry. A puppy or a hamster (hamsters are fragile, but they're perfectly easy pets). A kitten's a tiny bit harder to care for, but it's all fine.

(You could start off with a grown/somewhat-grown cat or dog for the easiest, but it wouldn't be as satisfying as seeing them grow up in your care.)

My cat used to ambush me ninja-style when I get home. That, or she'd be sleeping on the couch in a "take me" position.

Too bad I had to leave her. ;___;

But please don't bring up the cats vs dogs argument.

Get a small dog or something, they're easier to take care of them bigger dogs. And not ALL of them are noisy, my cousins dog is small yet he's not noisy.

Besides that, dogs pay attention to you unlike cats. And overall, they're much more fun to have around.

I'm not bias'd, I swear. D:

pffft I wonder if it's just because cats in the Philippines are as energetic as they are lazy. Maybe it's because they've got a lot of stuff to chase around.

After all, the cats here in America do look bored out of their minds. (And are also humongous wtf.)

And I don't like small dogs. I... I just don't.

I love dogs. Big, soft, cute, loyal dogs. I recommend a calmer type, especially for apartment life, so definitely not a beagle or retriever. Look for dogs with sweet dispositions that are easy to train.

And I don't like small dogs. I... I just don't.

D: Small dogs are adorable. I'm not talking about those purse dogs, I'm talking about beagles, yorkies, ect.

Oh wait, a yorkie's a purse dog. Maybe I'm bias'd about my cousins dog, he isn't a noise machine. He humps things instead. :D

Oh, okay. I was thinking about chihuahuas and their like. Those toy dogs. (≖‿≖ )

My fish actually responds to me...much in the way my dog does. He begs for food XD. Much more lively than my other 'living decorations' my plants :P

But yes on the main topic, while you said you've had pets before with your family. However since this will be your first time soloing in pet care, I'd if a dog defiantly get one of the 'calmer' breeds, and not too large too! Personally I'd say get a mild tempered 'adult' animal cat or dog. While you don't have the whole growing the animal up. You don't have to baby proof your apartment and don't have to train it.

If your really unsure about cats for dog, hamsters are cute too, just make sure to get a mild mannered one, some of the are evil (like the one that always bite me in class, yet the one I had at home was an angel)! They are intelligent and fun to play with like dogs and cats. But seem to be less depended on you being there, like with a dog. Also they noisy at night, however not fleas or shots for hamsters for what I remember!

@i_love_otakus Beagles are a medium-sized dog, if you want to get technical. Yorkies are really cute, but, like Josua, I'm not a big fan of those ankle-biters.
@Yoshiya Chihuahua puppies are adorable. They're the size of your palm, you could just squash them. But... they stay around that size... so I don't like them. Small dogs...

@Yoshiya: I'm sorry, I just can't stand cats for some reason.

Yeah, I have a small schipperke dog. Looks like this:

You want a Schipperke. Just take another look at the pics.

So much small dog hate, despite what you think their are actually decent small dogs. I think I blame the people who pamper them for being overly annoying. I meet the sweetest Pomeranian ever....he acted like a big dog, came over said 'hi' then sat down and sleep by my feet <3

Beagles are a medium-sized dog, if you want to get technical. Yorkies are really cute, but, like Josua, I'm not a big fan of those ankle-biters.

My dog is half beagle, he looks like one, and I always thought he was small. My oldest dog was the runt of the litter, and even then he's on the short side.

THEN AGAIN, I'm bias'd.

Small dogs can be pretty annoying. I mean it. No, really. Completely srs.

Yorkies are cute. No, really. Completely srs here.

@Stormkun The thing about small dogs is, they're bred to be annoying. Like, that is their goal in life. Their genes tell them to be high-maintenance, demanding, mean, and spiteful little brats. They were bred for royalty, after all, and even after years and years they still have that desire to be... if you'll pardon the pun, royal pains.
Big dogs, hunting dogs, are so sweet and loyal. They're truly man's best friend. I love bird dogs because of their energy and soft, short fur, but they can be loud and hyper. Hound dogs are my personal favorite pets for their kind disposition. And they're so cute~

@canon: A Schipperke is a small dog that retains small-dog cuteness, but was bred to guard barges. Also, taken from Wikipedia: "In World War II, the Belgian Resistance used the dogs to run messages between various resistance hideouts and cells, and the Nazis never caught on." My dog was bred to be a tiny hero. :D

I guess your mileage may vary, from my experience Yorkshires are the most HHHGN SHUT YOUR HIGH PITCHED DOG VOICE I DON'T WANNA KICK YOU of them.

Riiight. And I'm sure that you actually personally know someone who has one. Unlike you, I DO know one. Dhuuurrrr.

I'd like to map those genes :P
But, if I'm correct weren't Chihuahua's used as sacrificial animals?

@Stormkun I mean like terriers, spaniels, maltese, shih tzus, etc.

@i_love_otakus LOL U mad? I speak from experience, the small dogs (including terriers) I have met have been loud and obnoxious, and one that my mom's friend used to own would always bite our ankles when we went over to her house.

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