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@canon: that's probably an effect of spoiling the dog so much that he thinks he's the shit. Same thing happens with bratty children.

@Decae The thing with little dogs like spaniels is, they've been bred and spoiled so long that it's just their nature to be like that. Cocker spaniels were originally bred as royal guard dogs, so they have a very mean, very demanding disposition.

@Decae Surprising enough my cat always runs up to me every time I get back from school and he starts headbutting me. He is really affectionate. He starts meowing if I leave.

Anyway, a good starter pet is something small like a rabbit, a hamster, or birds. They don't make as much of a mess as dogs do and they are easier to take care of. Plus less expensive when it comes to food etc.

@canon: being spoiled is not in genes. It's in how the dog was raised, and its environment. If it knows that you have the authoritah, it won't go around pretending it's the effin shit. Trust me, I know. I've come in contact with plenty dogs. The bratty ones mainly come from the owners who overly spoil/coddle them.

@Decae You can train a dog to be good, but there are certain breeds that are just mean and annoying by nature. You can train them differently, and it will work, but by evolution and breeding they have become that way, and if you leave it they'll stay that way.

Wow guys, thanks for all the input. I have a couple weeks before the move so there's lots of time to decide, so i'm definitely going to be reading everything you guys say.

I am really leaning towards a small dog or cat. Someone suggested a hedgehog (so cute!) but I really want something that I feel comfortable letting wander around, and I think it would be too small.

I really hate yappy dogs, but i'm very aware that there are a lot of small dogs that are just fine. However I have always had dogs since I was little, although they were very big, so i'm not sure if I want another one.

But right now I am heavily leaning towards getting a cat, although i'm not fully decided. I really love hearing what everyone is saying, keep it coming. I'm open to completely different ideas as well!

I have two goldfish and they're both awesome. I'd say a fish is a great starter pet as the startup cost is quite cheap, and all you have to do is feed them twice a day and clean the tank every two weeks.

@Xyopq: I've had fish and a turtle both for a long time, i'm done with pets that I can only see from the other side of some glass. I want something I can hold and snuggle.

@sushi @i_love_otakus : Guys...............seriously, no fighting.

@Yoshiya: I disagree. I've met some birds that will hop on your hand and stay there! :D

I have a dog. Little ones tend to be yappy but it sounds like your new place is too small for a larger one so I'd recommend a cat, or something fairly small but quiet like a hamster, or a guinea pig.

I am heavily leaning towards a cat from all the advice guys! Although i'm having an impossible time trying to find a place to even search for one....

You should really go to a pound to get one to, you know, save their life.

Dogs are very lovely pets, They are very loyal and will love you till the end of time. However, it is a lot of responsibility to take care of them. Feeding, walking, playing with them, and bathing them are key parts. But a major thing is to train them when they are young, and you must do it daily. Thats the one downpoint..all the attention they require..and the fact they ALWAYS want your dinner.

Cats however require less attention. Feed them and they are happy. Of course kittens are a differant story..they like to play a lot and tend to dig you. And it's good (cat or kitten) to give them some TLC, I mean a little bit of petting and playing with your cat will make them even happier. Overall cats are probly the best choice.

(trust me i've had a lot of differant pets) A few others are somewhat worth mentioning...Hamsters. They are very playful and don't requir much attention just some food, water, and a wheel and they are all set! the cage...always bothersome.

Turtles. They are overall really amazing. The way they swim around is kind of fun to watch. But when you let them run around a bit in your house you see they can go pretty fast so make sure you keep an eye on them. Also depending on the turtle it may have differant eating habbits. They actually really like to eat goldfish (not extremly large ones..just bite sized). Warning..tank smeels really bad so you have to clean it all the time.

Rabbits are overall so fun. There are some things you may have to worry about when it comes to rabbit you might want to do some research on this. They love to play...and to chew so don't let them near your gamecube controller cord ( it will be mine sadface). Let these little rascals scamper around your house because they have lots of energy! My rabbits LOVED eating carrots, so just get some rabbit feed and some carrots (not the ones in the cans...actual carrots) and they will be very well fed. Clean the cage regularly or it will smell terrible and the rabbit will be SAD.

Mice...They are very wild animals. Don't buy a hamster cage make sure it's a fish tank! Why? those things will escape so fast. And if you aren't looking to have 20000000 mice..make sure you either get all females or males. Trust me...we asked for all females..but there was a mix up and we got a guy. A few weeks later..all the females were pregnant..and there were many babies...About 200.....we had to use a lagre bin to contain them was so intresting to watch so many play around ! They weren't cute when they were born..but when they get older they are just so adorable! However..if you plan on breeding your mice..make sure both are fully matured..or else they will ignore the babies..and don't let the father near! HE WILL KILL THEM.

Fish. Very simple VERY SIMPLE. All you have to do is feed them and clean the tank...though sometimes you may develop a special relasionship with your fish as boring as they sound..who knows you may end up with an interesting one. Like my old sucker fish named Rocky. Man I loved that fish...I swear he often tried to get out of the tank and one time he was succesful! He started crawling lliterally crawling across the floor! A FISH! It was so cool, and when we sold him (because we kind of lost our house..and we couldn't take a fish tank with us when we were homeless...) he winked at me and my was awesome. That fish..

Spider. These are rather..creepy. In fact I only took care of one at my friends house. You have to catch crickets in your yard or buy some to feed it..... And either way it was scary cleaning the tank dude...that thing would always try to bite me! Don't recomend..your screwed if it escapes..

Snake...once again my friends house. Now I dpn't have much knowladge except you feel kind of bad feeding a live mouse to it. Not really sure if this is a good choice.

Ferrets. Very good pets..a lot like hamsters..only it's far worse cleaning their tank..blegh..snells terrible too! Though its so fun having them just sit their on your shoulder..thats if they do that..some do!

Well...thats about it....all I really know.

Overall the cat is the best choice.

Ehhhh I'm jealous. xD

Yes i'm going to settle on a cat, that's what everyone here and in the outside world seems to be telling me to do. I'm having trouble finding the right shelter near my school, I think I found a nice one but they specifically only take injured or special needs animals. I definitely want to save one from a respectable place rather than doing something like craigslist, or worse, a pet store. But for a first pet I don't think I want something that isn't overall healthy. I need to learn basic cat care before I go to an advanced level.

I still need advice on how to take care of a cat, raising it, what to look for, and any ideas where to look. I have been hearing a lot of stuff, but I don't mind hearing the same stuff again and again. That just means it works.

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