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Devil May Cry - Dante or Nero? (Thread)

So who do you like better? Dante or Nero? Personally I like Dante better, I just like his attitude ^_^ And I LOVE Dante's sword :D


This really isn't even a contest.
Nero is just a younger Dante with a Demon Arm + Motorcycle Sword.

Yeah but they're still not the same, that'd be like, oh yeah Vergil and Dante are the same, or Lady and Trish are the same... :O

I share my counterself's opinion. Nero is not that bad, but he feels a bit like a clone without the cool demeanor... kinda cute when he gets mad though XD But that's just me rooting for the younger versions of anything... ok that sounds bad XD

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Nero is voiced by Jonny Young Bosch, no? I'm sure I heard his distinctive voice in there somewhere~

Well, I do have to say, although Nero is cool and all, Dante still takes the cake in the badass competition~ = 3=b

dante of course. although i like demon arms, nero is just too much of a.. dante-lookalike... although i like his sword, its pretty much the same as the original ff8 gunblade-idea, just without the weirdly shaped hilts...
also i kinda believe that nero is either vergils reincarnation or his arm might be a remnant of vergil, as he uses vergils sword in his devil trigger, the blue color theme and the fact he heard voices calling for "power", plus his attitude towards dante and vice versa..
but yeah, a Dante or Vergil? conteszt would make more sense.

No, no, no, no, no.

Dante and Vergil are brothers both born from Sparda with differing motivations and similar looks.

Lady and Trish both have distinct back stories and motivations for teaming up with Dante.
Nero is Dante with a Demon Arm and a Motorcylce Sword.

He works for that church slaying demons and has his own plot line and backstory, but he isn't even a palette swapped Dante. He IS effing Dante
with a Demon Arm and a Motorcycle Sword. There isn't any way around that and is actually what turns some people away from the game (or turns them away from it when they learn they now have to play the game backwards with essentially the same character.)

@Shiroke I stand corrected. You make a damn good point xD

Dante > Nero

@Haikku :I second that sexy thought!


Most definitely Dante!!!! <3


I see what you did there, sir.

Gameplay wise, I actually preferred Nero at the end of DMC4, once you master the insta-charge blade thing he becomes really fun to play. The cut scenes with Dante in are just too awesome though, especially when he gets lucifer and when he's about to fight agnus:

god how i wish i had ps3 after those cutscenes. i only played the first three games through, the fourth i played a t a friends' ps3 and didnt get to he dante-part a si wa sonly visiting her for a weekend.
whats teh name of that song? from the fight against agnus?

I have no idea, don't think it's from the dmc soundtrack.

too bad...

dante ftw [:

Someone said Dante has a cool demeanor LOL that is a total freaking joke he is such a lame ass his puns suck and he is so like 80s NOTHING is cool about his personality. He is the 1980s american stereotype I EAT PIZZA AND SAY SHITTY PUNS! He is cool when it comes to fighting and the way he looks but once he opens his mouth total buzz kill.

Nero on the other hand does not have those stupid puns and he is far more mature than Dante even though he is younger than him If you gave Dante Neros personality he would be far more likable in my opinion. As for who I like more it is Nero hands down just because he shows more passion and does not sound like a jackass when he talks.

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