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Devil May Cry - Dante or Nero? (Thread) - Page 2

Dante for teh win! xD

I don't care really. As long as I can slay demons in a fun and flashy way I'm fine with either of them! xD

Dante.... If i was a girl i would have sex with him.

@dio that is called gar^^

PSHAAWWW No Sh!t Dante. Nero's just... I don't know. He's cool enough and he's a lot more rapeable than Dantelolwhut.

EDIT: yes, even with the demon arm. I MEAN LOOK AT HIS EXPRESSIONS...

nero is cool and all but all he has going for him is that devil arm of his and some skills

Dante is a badass lifetime series of DMC so Dante :))

Nero is a pussy.
So Dante automatically wins.

I prefer Dante for playing, because he has a more weapons and stilesXD But I like both of them a lot. They have their own cool character, which makes the game funny and really coolXD

I prefer Dante more than Nero but I like them both. Dante is just far more badass.

Agreed dante

@Haikku I thought Nero was kind of like that too. Dante's just a lot more cooler and stuff ^w^

Both ^^

I'm also wondering what kind of character they will make out of Dante in the upcoming Devil May Cry game. Looking at the studio track-record I don't really know how much and what to expect. And I hope they will get allot of help from Capcom while developing the game. =P

Awesome demon.
Rebellion, Ebony, and Ivory.

Devil Bringer.
Red Queen.
*Has played DMC4 once. :D

Personally, I like Nero more. Dante is pretty awesome though. :3



Dante is better.

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