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Visual Kei (Thread)

I'm just wondering how many people on colorless like VK too I mean I cant be the only one, right? :/

and some western Vk

you can trade info about your favorites and share common interest in different bands, enjoy!:D

OH btw, i know theres a thread for VK but i dont want to necrothread XD

dude i <33 VK :D
dude who can survive life w/o JROCK or jap music in general? D:

@kloadheart you speak the truth :D

when do i not? [:

^ lol XD

Where's mah Blu Billion, An Cafe, and Versailles ???

YES. Their songs are good. But the.... I just hate those members that looks better than girls and trap me okay? D8

@momimochi doesnt all 3 of those bands have traps?

annoying bump is annoying :D

I love VK :D

@akiyoshi-chan YAY MORE PEOPLE :D

i love j-rock, which includes visual kei...but i personally feel most of the recent stuff really, really suck and it's all about the looks now.

maybe it's cause i'm old...awesome bands like Pierrot and Rentrer en Soi no longer exist...and the ones still existing have EHHH music X:

I mean, AWESOMESAUCEY SONG (caution: strange vid :O) Pierrot's Neogrotesque is a CLASSICCCC AND KICKS SOME SERIOUS ARSE XD

and....D'espairsRay: Garnet (the song that made them famous) an autographed poster and took a pic with them (4 years ago...)! though D'ray's new stuff aren't as good :( another classic!

Just some of my favs from a somewhat retired VK fan. no new stuff can par with the ones from several years ago ;x


:o i like D, and aicle, my recent cosplay was Hizaki and emiru inspired :D, Hizaki grace project FTW!!

omfg crossplaying Reita was so hard to pull off cuz i was and am forever, fat =-="
ughhh... =-=

Genreally all VK hair is done this way,

  1. thin it
  2. tease roots
  3. spray roots (non wet hairspray) from atleast 1.5 feet from hair

to cut ur hair use a razer comb and thin top slowly

o no, not the hair, im talking about the clothes hahah =w=

its hard to cosplay when you cant make clothes and cant find anything that looks like their clothes -_-

i love VK ^o^
my all time fave would have to be An Cafe
but i hear Miku 's going be in another band?
im not too sure on the details >.<

Miku has a new band now, named Lc5.
And yesh, I love VK also ^^.

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