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Visual Kei (Thread) - Page 3

VK makes you rude? That's odd. But I'm not gonna lie, I've known some elitists who were into it. (That, or itas) But I don't care about the fanbase myself.

More nice songs imo ~

Haha VK is awesome!! Love anything PSC, and other dudes around like Versailles, DespairsRay, vistlip, etc. 8D

I'm sad

I just got into deluhi

and I find out they're disbannding

haven't been here in a while
but then again no one posts xD

I like SID!!

so these guys made the kuroshitsuji op OAO mind blown
<~~never looked it up

@archangel yeah they did. And also some of FMA's endings

@chel well that one I knew of

I don't really like Visual Kei, prefer basic J-rock, but LM.C is the shit.

.. if visual kei for general... i would go for the GazettE...but if talking to the subgenre of visual kei called Oshare kei.. no one would beat Alice Nine.. just come on... you gotta love all the songs of A9 both rock and mellow. idk what subgenre does versailles belong. their rhythmic and harmonic style of music is just damn too awesome...

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