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Blogs (Thread)

What blogs do you guys follow? You know, the sites that cover things on anime or Japan related stuff. I follow mainly two of them, they are Random Curiosity and Culture Japan by Danny Choo.

I'm not following Ani-blogs at all; I might like some, read something that catches my interest, but thats about it.
Instead I follow some Warhammer-related blogs, mainly because of rumors, leaks and definite news or articles about certain aspects of the hobby.
Some personal stuff is also interesting, like the blogs of authors I like or newssites I follow.

To be honest, I'm having a nice share of blogs already by writing mine :')

I also look at Danny Choo, but not for the figure stuff that's not interesting to me at all. On YouTube I subscribe to thejapanchanneldcom which is a guy living in Japan married to a national and he does videos about all typed of Japanese things. There very helpful and fun to watch. I also have my own blog where I write about Japsnese current events, but it's not amazing I just do it for fun. Mine is
The Japan Channel also has a website with a forum, it's
There's a link to the videos on that site if you can't find them on YouTube

Ive already made this topic


Reading the first post is a great way to find out what a thread is about.


What blogs do you guys follow?

Nothing about whoring our blogs out, like your thread.

I follow a couple of aniblogs.

I do read others, but these are the ones I never miss a post of.

I guess you think you're hot shit.
And those blogs you follow suck :P
And I did post what blog I follow and that is mine.
So I did stick to the topic.

Still, I don't know him, and that makes him nothing.

And the blog is for my family who lives in scattered places around the world. So it does attempt at something called:

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