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Asian Drama Thread (Thread) - Page 3

i decided not to finish my spring break homework and instead watched all of gokusen. (yahyahhh its super old, and i chose to ignore all those good recommendations from my friends.) :D i found it to be oddly inspiring. LOL

you guys... i bump this so we continue to share this drama passion. >:D

You should watch Smile.

@Lagann i shall watch Smile :D i'm obviously getting nowhere in my hw anyways lol

hmm.. the only dramas I've watched are:

Hana Kimi
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Atansinchi no Danshi


oh, and i tried watching God of Study once, but I stopped midway, i think~~ ;3

I really like You're Beautiful, Boys over Flowers, Secret Garden and Dream High

Finally Asian drama fans here! I've watched...
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Hana Kimi, Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, Full House, Seigi No Mikata, Coffee Prince, Your Beautiful, Princess Hours, Playful Kiss uummm and thats all I could think of ^.^ all recomended!

i just want to add..some asian dramas

this is some of my new favorites..this year..

  1. dream high
  2. secret garden
  3. the great man/daemul
  4. dongyi
  5. playful kiss
  6. 49 days
  7. New Tales of Gisaeng- this is a modern times of then
  8. master of study
  9. baby faced beauty
    or just go to for some korean dramas...hehehehehe

drama i love it so much:
1- 49Days(the best drama i every watch).
2- You're Beautiful. :3
3- Sungkyunkwan and Scandal. <333
4- My Princess.
5- Miss Ripley.
6- Playful Kiss.

@jeh i like sungkyunkwan scandal too..hehehe...have you seen prosecutor princess???it's story is very interesting..

Damn. I watched so much there is no use of posting all I watched.
Though I only watch Korean dramas because Japanese suck xD

Currently watching:
Myung Wol The Spy
I Need A Romance
And I just finished City Hunter.

I like Gokusen, Nobuta wo Produce, One Pound Gospel, Yukan Club, and a few more :)


One awesome comedy x romance Korean drama ;)

Everyone should watch it!

The 2011 Japanese remake of Hana Kimi started airing this summer :D Kettaro (fellow utaite) is in it~

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