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[Photoshop] I do it for you! (Thread)

This is Photoshop request thread. If you have some work that needs to be done in Photoshop like:
1. signature
2. wallpaper
3. photo enchantment
4. almost any kind of other Photoshop work

If you wanna see my works, you have links on my profile to DeviantART and Myanimelist where you can see almost every kind of work I done.

can u make a sign and avatar to me?~

here the pics that u can use~ (or use others if you want)

just write "Carol-chan Dias" in both ~

make the signature like you want (sizes, effects, etc)
and i need a avatar 150x250


(send me a MP when done or cite my name here)

If you're any good at drawing too, then I would really like if you'd draw a goose mutant (Kinda like the ninjaturles, but GooseXHuman, if you catch my drift. Additionally, I'd like if it's wearing the Galactic Pretty Boy outfit:

(The white one, NOT the school uniform)

Thank you in advance ;o)

@RangleGoose sorry I don't do that kind of work nor I draw very well =(

@carolsama It will be done tomorrow =)

@carolsama your signature and avatar are finished. If you have any problems or you don't like something just give me a call =)

can you make a signature for me to <3
write : Kukuroki-chii
you can have choose the pic yourself and i need it for a avatar
ow i want it to be epic :3 i know you can do it !


Can I ask you to make me avatar? :)
To be honest, right now I don't know what picture to use. :S
If you can think of anything, hmmm, grey pic and blue headphones, something like that, if not, I'll find pic.

Could you edit the umbrella in my cosplay photo to be the umbrella from the image?

@Ripaz, wow wow wow~
Thank you <3 ~ yay~ GREAT JOB!

Oh,oh please make me a sig and avatar from screenshots of Spitfire.

@Yami-chii do you have some particular anime/character you want in your siganture?

@ShounenBoy avatar for Colorless board or some other forum? If possible give me size you want it.

@Beachball sorry but I'm not that good at photo manipulation.

@Канра-сан hmmm... let me straight something so there is no confusion in future. You want me to make signature from that four pictures or only one of them? Having four pictures in one signature is way to distracting from viewers point of view so I recommend you to chose some picture where is only one face. Choice is up to you.

U can choose one picture that u want)
They all good)) But it would be cool if avatar is one picture and in sig another)
sig 550 x 250
avatar 250x250

I can edit something for you too ^^

@Ripaz For colorless, msn and some other forums. I think 250x250 will be fine. :D

Oh well, I shall get Razzu to do it for me then. They are amazing at manipulation.

@Канра-сан ok expect your sign and avatar tomorrow =)

@AnimeShifter I don't quite catch you drift o.O

@ShounenBoy Sorry but I forgot to ask you one more thing, you want it to be like mine Colorless avatar or some anime picture?

@Beachball Sorry I couldn't be of more help =/

@Ripaz Anime pic. :)

@Канра-сан Im getting late with your signature cuz I have problems with quality of pictures... bad picture quality = poor signature.. so I'm currently thinking of a away to improve it


Here us your avatar. If you have problems or something needs to be changed just PM me or write here.

@Ripaz I like it! :D
Thanks mate. :)

Could you make me an ID like this one:
But with the correct color.

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