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[Photoshop] I do it for you! (Thread) - Page 2

could you make my avatar like your avatar with fading colors in the background. i want mine to be black and blue though, one with the blue on top and one with the blue on bottom. here is my avatar:

I try to search for better quality...

@astrogaijin Yeah I can make it. Just give me color you want and that info that you want in four ID card.

@Канра-сан here is signature but I used some other picture

@KOROCHAN something like this?

I ment that... (Sorry D:) I want to help you ^^""

thanks that looks great

I want the same color as my avatar and the same info that's shown on the example. If you can't find some just pm me. I arank to be Lt. Colonel

Oh...I'd like an avatar please.
I'm not sure exactly what I want though
Can you manipulate the Colorless Avatars?

Sorry for delay but you will mostly get your avatars/signatures tomorrow since I'm busy these days (homework, school, practices, etc.)

I apologies for delays =(

i would actually also like a colorless ID card similar to @astrogaijins desired one :) a nice red one please, and I guess i'll also pm you the details. just pm first when you want the info for the ID card.

I would have created this myself, but I not that good with Photoshop yet.

I want an ID card from a template below, if you can get me one it'll be great.

Color : Grey (but use my custom ava)
Aka : Shii
Location : Indonesia
Sex : Male

Thanks for notice


The Photoshop newbie Sign Painter

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