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Sad Animes (Thread) - Page 2

Shinigami No Ballad SO SAD ;A;
Angel Beats
Kobato ( but in the end it was all good >U<)
Code Geass

There's this one called 5 Centimeters per Second

very realistic, and sad.

Bokura ga Ita
Full Moon wo Sagashite (there are a lot of sad parts, but I guess it's a good, happy anime overall)


Murder Princess
Death Note

Clannad!!!! Two episodes made me cry

Clannad After Story
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
the end of Vampire Knight guilty

Um.............whats it called........Oh ya. dance in the vampire bund.
there was a sad part in it.

Also The Money of Soul and Possibility Control was both sad and happy. or something in between.

Full moon Wo Sagashite...

code geass made me cry like a baby and its weird cause i dont normally cry at sad endings

clannad after story
crhono crusade
full moon
wolfs rane
bleach (at times)
naruro (at times)

Every anime is a sad anime because it makes you sad how bad they are [with few exceptions].

(Attention: shitstorm because of my opinion incoming)

Air is a very sad anime, it's the only anime that had made me cry, and that hard to do, so yeah, Air

can't believe no one mentioned True Tear yet :O

I cried like a little girl during Angel Beats. Clannad and Clannad After Story tore my heart out though After Story definitely is a cerebral ninja in the end

the end of cowboy bebop was so frikin sad with that last theme song and every thing:'-i

ive seen
clannad after story's
5 centimeters a second

I would say Clannad and Clannad After Story. This is the saddest and most touching anime I've ever seen. I cried so much in the second season(Clannad After Story)

Angel beats, Clannad and after story i loved all of those

No, seriously, AnoHana? Anyone?
FMA: Brotherhood? The two deaths?
Grave of the Fireflies?


Catch phrase:

Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness,
Bringing torment and pain to others,
Oh damned soul wallowing in your sin,
Perhaps it is time to die.

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