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Should I post my Colorless story on there too? Y'know get more advice AND spread the word?

Fanfiction. net is a good place

but i would also recommend places like quizilla and livejournal. :]

YEA YEA you should...

Mostly because I visit there. Everyday.

Fanfiction and Livejournal is a good idea, although I don't know about Quizilla since I never went there. Although I think DOLLARS should grow I hope it doesn't grow TOO big.

are you a fan of if you write fanfic stories for that site?

i do read a lot of stories there. and yeah, i write too for fun. =D

love the site

I like the site, but I wish they would install a yaoi/yuri filter :/

I'm not a exactly fan of the site, although I recently started writing K-ON fics and posted them up there.

love the site... I've been going on there since I was in like 6th grade (like 7 years now XD) I write a little bit :P

I love the site! I don't write stories on there though but I have read many of them posted there.

sully takashi hayato, google it if you don't believe me

I use Mediaminer instead, I uploaded two different works and a sequal to that

One inspired by Higurashi - Demon of Victoria
And the other just flat out World War III - Hellzone and Hellzone 2nd Assault

No one can deny writing things is fun and a great pass time.

I love the site. I've wrote stories but not really posted them... But will soon. That's the one place I read fanfiction stories at.

I write the odd thing there. Speaking of which, I need to finish the latest chapter of my only work that is anywhere near decent on there!

I write for that site too.
Only have one story though, and I'm having a serious block when It comes to new chapters.
I'm working on a new story now. It's gonna be updated regurally. Though if its any good is another matter. It combines one of my little brother's favorite shows and one of mine.

Look out for it. It's gonna be called Nanites and vampires. Love to hear what people think.

Fanfiction is a good place to go just to get your name out, since thousands of people visit that site daily. I write many stories for that site and so far i've been getting a good response, mind you i've been writing there since like 6th grade which was like 8 years ago. lol but in the end it is all up too you where you put your stories. thumbs up Good Luck!! 83

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