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The Little Landlord 4/18 Update (Thread)


Thanks guys for continuing the Little Landlord RP, really means a lot to me! Still I'm having a hard time getting these stories right, with some minor problems continuing to strain my time. Expect some more news shortly!

Posting chapter one this saturday!

4/10/2011 Update

Hi again! Well this little project has taken a few bumps and bruises with it's immediate shutdown a few weeks back. Well my laptops back and working excellently! So the project will get underway ASAP. I'm currently sorting through my thoughts, tying stories together, that will actually premiere in "The Little Landlord". I changed a few things to make this fit a the tale I want to portray.

-Vince is now younger due to an idea when talking with my teacher. A younger character can cause a sense of unimportance on his part, and along with a younger character come opportunity for him to truly grow.

-The ShiningStar is now portrayed as a a means to an end. Only those on their last leg would ever dream of staying in this place.

-That prologue is invalid seeing as i wrote that in 15 minutes :/

Welcome one and all to my new project! This project unlike my past attempts will succeed! Every detail is In place and the general idea is fun and everyone is invited/encouraged to join.

The basic premise is a young man inherits a apartment complex,  He expects it to be nothing more then a hassle in his busy life. At first he denies the responsibility, but when his college expenses start to pile up that job is his only way to stay afloat!

Now here is where colorless really comes in, I want the tenants to be colorless members! Each can create their own character and backstory to deepen the overall effect of the story. The more you contribute the more your character is bound to show up in the project. 

The main character's named Vince. He is a 19 year old, graphic artist and programmer. He inherited the complex from his great Aunt, who didn't pass away, but went away to retire in Hawaii. She checks up on Vince every now and then, but not without being deemed useless in her mind. She does like Vince though she believes forcing some responsibility his way will help him grow into a fine adult. 

When creating your character use this template. 




Who moved in:
@Shad0-chan: Aurora 19
@maelid: Chiyo 15
@Yami-chii: Yui/Yuki 15
@Kubinashi-Rider Sebastien 22
@Settsuo-kun-Frederic 19
@hellstorm901: Aaron Mcknight 18
@Rain-chan: Hiroyuki Sora 14
@Beachball: Kato Hakui 17
@Kagu: Vincent 18
@Gamu:Rocio Delorez
@Astro Gaijin: Jason Glass 19
@MrTrain: Rail Train/Clair Train 27/6


Sounds interesting ^^
So i just have to imagine a character and you will write the story?

Pretty much yea, it will go into the overall story of Vince managing the hotel. I want it to be a big apartment so the more the merrier^^

The more effort you put in your character though the more likely they will be represented in the story.

Edit:can't believe I kept saying hotel o.o

The idea is likable so I guess I'll start by making my character.

Name: Frederic
Age: Musician, Lead Singer for a popular indie band.

Bio: Growing up in in the presence of sounds, Frederic has always wanted to pursue a career in music Together with his band-mates, Sean, Carry, and Lo they strive to be the best. He just recently moved into the complex and is just taking life day-by-day.

Likes: Guitars, Sweets, and Comics
Dislikes: Pennies, Heights, and Marbles

(will add two more characters later)

I wanna make up a character! ^w^ Now lemme think here >8)

Name: Aurora
Age: 17

Bio: Aurora grew up with four brothers, one older sister, and her mother and father. She is the youngest of the six and has recently moved into the building to obtain her own freedom and to further her studies in photography and art. She's got a happy-go-lucky kind of personality, always loves to meet new people and make new friends. She's a relatively messy person, always leaving things lying around, but she always makes sure she does things like dishes and her washing, it's mainly her art stuff lying around everywhere. She works part-time at a small cafe' as a waitress to pay for her tuition and anything else that needs to be payed for. She has a large male black cat named Jinx that comes and goes as he pleases.

Likes: Abstract things, drawing, lolli pops, music, painting, photography
Dislikes: Waking up early, spiders, bullies, cabbage

xD Hee hee there's my character yaaaay!~

This sounds fun!

Name: Chiyo
Age: About 15, let's say

Bio: She has moved into this hotel complex with her older brother (who serves as her current legal guardian). They get some money from their parents -who are MIA for vague legal reasons- in order to pay the rent. Her brother is usually out of the house, as he has to find a job so that they can pay for things other than the rent!
She likes to sleep a lot, and often falls asleep in the shower.
She can be very indecisive and lazy, although she also loves to meander randomly around any neighborhood and explore -and she is currently trying to find a way to the roof of the hotel.
She and her brother are new to the city and therefore don't know much about the area, and the girl has taken to going out and people-watching, taking a small notebook with her which she scribbles in occasionally.

Likes: Sleeping, her brother, wandering around
Dislikes: Tomatoes, bad grammar, lagging computers

=o this looks like fun, i shall be backz when i think of a character

name: yui/yuki (look at the story)
age: 15
bio: she was always lonly and was hated by her brother and when she was little got beaten up by him but her dad dindnt know that and her parents dont live together anymore cuz of a big fight with there son (her brother. her brother got everything and thats why she ran away from hom when she was 13, she got adopted by a granny and got the name yuki cuz she was so white like snow. she got dark brown hair wat even made her more white but cute ^^. She got in to school and via a friend of her's and she loved to draw but sucked at it.

she got agrassif if other ppl cal her weak.

likes: drawing, animals ( and they like her), the granny that took her in. basking in the sun

dislikes: her brother (hate), ppl (dont trust them much), anger (but shes like realy agrassif ^^ so she also dislikes herself for being that.) and icecream (to cold)

ps. i forgot by likes: snow <3

Looks fun! :)

Name: Sebastien

Age: 22

Sebastien's life has been influenced by his medical condition- excessive photosensitivity (or sensitivity to light). As a child, he got sunburn often and ended up going out smothered in sun cream, wearing as much clothing as would cover up any bare skin and sunglasses (to lessen the pain and discomfort caused to his eyes when it was sunny). He struggled through school with this, occasionally being mocked or bullied for the condition, and was relieved to graduate. His condition was rated troublesome enough by his doctor that he was entitled to a government allowance- because going out in the sun is so difficult for him, he can't live a completely normal life. Also, because he decided to attempt entering higher education, he goes to evening lectures at a local university which has stopped him from getting a job, so needs the allowance to survive. It pays his rent and just about covers food shopping.

Sebastien's mother is French, and he is bilingual, speaking both French and English fluently. He has no trace of a French accent when speaking English and when one looks at him, one wouldn't guess he was part-French as he doesn't look it.

Due to his photosensitivity, he has adopted a nocturnal lifestyle, getting up at sunset. He doesn't meet people often as he is usually asleep when everyone else is awake, and he is slightly sceptical and distant from people due to the way he has been treated because of his condition, and has a sarcastic streak. He also became a member of the Goth/emo subculture at his high school partly because of his attitude towards the people who sometimes picked on him, and partly because his condition seemed to suit the group. He has mostly grown out of it now, though it's not immediately obvious by looking at him.

He usually wears either lots of white clothing (to reflect heat and the sun, should he need to venture outside) or lots of black clothing (to absorb heat when he goes out at night), and is often found with sunglasses to protect his eyes from light. The lights in his apartment are always dimmed to avoid hurting his eyes. He doesn't know many people, if any, in the apartment complex, but if he should pass anyone in the building while not in his room, he'll nod to them in acknowledgement and won't be rude.

Likes: French literature, the dark, a few metal/emo bands, cats, cool breezes, the time just after sunset where the air is still slightly warm

Dislikes: The light, overly outgoing people, obnoxious people, coffee, loud noises early in the morning

Name - Aaron McKnight
Age - 18

Bio - Aaron left school after achieving moderately decent grades, rather than moving onto greater education he took to becoming an assistant for a local sociological researcher, who wanted help looking at reasons for crime in the region.

When he was a young child, Aaron lived in a small rural village, however, on one family picnic he lost himself in the woods as a storm slowly moved over the area, the woods was decended into darkness and from this Aaron began to hallucinate that creatures were chasing after him, although three hours later he was found the consequence of the events scarred him for life.

Aaron cannot communicate well with people and often struggled when trying to make friends, he took to wearing dark clothing to hide himself from the views of those around him and tried desprately to stay away from large crowds.

Likes - Cats, rain for the sweet sound raindrops make and the study of sociology

Dislikes - Dogs, mondays, thunder and the darkness

Name: Hiroyuki Sora.
Age: 14.

Bio: Sora is a supposedly innocent little girl who lives with her brother,Hiroyuki Haru,who is her twin. She is said to be musically talented but she denies that. Sora and her brother decided to live at the apartment complex because their parents died in a plane crash and they have no other family left. They pay their rent using the money their parents left them.

Likes: Cats,snow,rain,guitars,knives,blood,pain,swords,sleeping,books,spiders,fire.
Dislikes: Noise,being alone,thunder,the dark.

Name: Kato Hakui
Age: 17
Bio: Having been born a japanese albino, Hakui faced lot's of hardships. Many people find her appearance haunting and even frightning and had bullied her for it, whereas others had an almost cult-like worship of her. Her parents were right in the middle of this ground. They always kept their distance from her due to her unnatural appearance and yet constantly boasted of her beauty. She moved out of her town in order to try and build herself a new life, as well as to reach her goal of trying to be worthy of people's love from the inside. Because of this she has always worshiped heros and has high moral standards.

Likes: Good sportsmanship, superhero animes and TV shows, people that chase their dreams
Dislikes: Studying, people who are not straightforward about their feelings, being alone, places cramped with people

OOC: When will this start? Do we just go ahead as people join in? There already is many people in this RP and if we get more then it will just get too confusing and it will cause it to fail. I am a roleplaying veteren so I know it to be true.

Name: Vincent
Age: 18

Bio: At the tender age of 6, Vincent witnessed the unexplained event of his father's nipples exploding which lead to his imminent death due to shock and blood loss. This traumatic event lead Vincent to irrationally wear thermal conducted padded bras throughout his teenage life. Coupled with his feminine features, this produced an unmistakeable trap who prefered to allow the world to believe him to be a girl than to be ridiculed.

Owing to the fact that his mother died at the birth of his little sister - Vella - he cares only for her. After graduating from university years earlier than the norm, Vincent began working as a teacher in Vella's local high school in order to take care of Vella if need be. He still chooses to allow people to believe him to be a woman and even encourages this with his unmistakeable feminine attire lest someone discovers his fear of nipple explosions.

Likes - Vella (his sister), comfortable thermal conducting bras, privacy, cooking.

Dislikes - Explosions, nipples, humiliation, brussel sprouts.

Aw man, I love you guys ;A;

Great bios, really added depth to them. Some were hilarious, and others really life-like! I really appreciate this you guys.

I'll start working on some scenarios for these characters asap. I'll open up a chatroom i'll be on while working on them feel free to drop by and add details you want to include.

This sounds like an awesome idea! Could I input a character? C:

Name: Rocio Delorez

Age: 19, birthday's in December

Bio: After the divorce of her parents shortly after she was born, she grew up living with her Father in Manchester, England (no siblings). Due to her father being such an outrageous, big-headed mod (sort of like a punk), it was only natural for her to obtain those traits whilst growing up with him.

By the time she reached the age of nineteen and still living with her dad, she became too much for him to handle, with her having a habit of graffiti-ing with so-called friends, mugging people and just generally being a troublecauser and a pain in the ass. This was the reason for her moving away to start a new life on her own at the new apartment complex.

She now works as a pizza-delivery girl to pay for her apartment bills and such, travelling around on her sticker-covered scooter motorcycle.

People find it hard to get along with Rocio and usually feel intimidated by her tomboyish and loud attitude. Her long dark red hair makes her stand out, along with her very absurb sense of fashion that usually consists of trouser braces, combat boots and a shitload of studs.

She has a habit of inviting her friends round to her apartment to 'socialise', which of course means blasting out punk/metal music, chain-smoking and laughing extremely loud. & She also seems to run out of milk... giving her an excuse to go and bother her apartment neighbours for some. C:

Likes: Whiskey, Shy boys (she likes to tease them), smoking, doing piercings as small side-job, reading TV guides, baking (even though she's absolutely terrible at doing so)

Dislikes: Smart people (Or just people who are smarter than her/belittling her), old men/women, moths (phobia), Burger King.

Im going to write three scenarios for chapter one(just me being indecisive :O) So expect some results either early tomorrow to late tomorrow.

Oh and i'm making this a VN(Visual Novel), so expect to see your characters in 2D form lol

Name: Jason Glass
Age: 19
Bio: he lives alone while going to college for a degree in cultural anthropology. He is seen as a loner and outsider. Unless he is at class or at work at the pet shop down the street he is home watching tv, surfing the Internet, playing video games, or meditating. He comes from a good and loving family who support him in anything he does. He does not have many friends but likes it that way. He loves his life and what he is doing. He is in love with the girl 2 doors down but she does not know it and he is always getting into awkward situations with her.

Likes: ancient civilations, meditation, classic rock and any type of Asian food.
Dislikes: people who are "popular", hip hop and rap music, clowns.

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