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A language for robots (Thread)

ROILA is a spoken language for robots. It is constructed to make it easy for humans to learn, but also easy for the robots to understand. ROILA is optimized for the robots’ automatic speech recognition and understanding.

Do you imagine talking with robots?

Is necessary a new language?

Or perhaps do you believe that this is not important or are you definitely not interested in this?

Why can't robots just speak English or something?

Maybe because they´re stupid. They just can understand 0 and 1.

11001011101100010010110010100111... And that, was just rubbish! Thank you, thank you ^_^

Well you can't expect a ROBOT to be exactly really smart or anything. Sure for now, they're creating their own language so they don't overheat with confusion or something.
Like it was written "Current speech recognition technology has not reached a level yet at which it would be easy to use. Often robots misunderstand words or are not able to make sense of them."
Give it time...

Look, a robot is as smart as it's creator can make it smart. The language is optimized to fit the mathematical anaysis behind speech recognition. Math too is a language, you know, but mostly written and with a specialized use. And robots are way better at math than we are(at first sight).

That aside, what's the fuss, the robot already has at least 3 different artificial languages "below" speech recognition, the one in which it was programed, it's processor's assembly language and it's binary code equivalent. Just because they don't speak 101110110 doesn't mean they don't use it.

To sum up my opinion, if that keeps it simple, why not? Not like someone's gonna force my children to speak it ^^

Looks interesting! It seems pretty simple to pronounce as there aren't any consonant clusters or diphthongs. Also, there doesn't appear to be a verb for "to be". Not sure about the grammar though, looks more complicated than some other languages as they use separate markers rather than just inflecting verbs etc. While it does look quite simple, I'm going to have to say that when it comes to constructed languages, Esperanto would seem to be easier to learn than this (at least for speakers of more Western/Romance languages). I'm aware that it's not designed with the same goal as Esperanto was, so a comparison of the two isn't really valid, but speaking as a language-learner, I'm comparing this constructed language to the only other one I know!

We are heading towards Star Wars timeline, which don't get me wrong is kind of cool if you're a Jedi, Sith, or someone else important. But for the average citizen it SUCKS.

We need to be moving towards more of a Star Trek future where there is general peace and harmony amongst (most of) the galaxy. None of these 'bleep bloop blap' computer language robots. We need to settle down and focus on more sophisticated language systems before moving ahead and creating new languages that will just be trouble later.

It would just be easier if robots could parse human language. Roila is probably based on/uses English. So just create a system in which different languages can be parsed into machine code O.o

you all understand computer from what ive saw. would anyone like to roughly translate hexadecimal for me?

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