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What PSP games should I start playing? (Thread)

I'm having trouble thinking about what PSP games have really good graphics, have a great story, and is a hell of a lot of fun to play! I'm not lookin for stuff like FF Tactics or anything turn based for the moment. But if you want I'll take your suggestions anyway! If you can, could you guys put up a picture of the cover so I could see what I'm lookin at right away :) thnx!

No, I'm to lazy to find you a cover! ... But Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep XD (yeah, I don't even know how good the game is, I just want to play it myself. Seems to be awesome)

What games chu like? RPG?

Well here are some good ones IMO
Persona 3 Portable
Blade Dancer Lineage of light
Phantasy Star Portable 1+2
Star Ocean
I also agree with the post above me.

I played Birth by Sleep! that was so F'n fun! I also played dissidia too! the other suggestions look very interesting! I still want more sugggstions though!

I'm kinda scared to start on Persona games because then, I'm gonna have to start 1 and 2! lol! I have to research the other titles you gave me though! @Shou: thanks!

It is not a sequel. You can play P3 and understand the story without ever playing 1 & 2 also an inside note. 1&2 are pretty bad even on ps1 standards. The only thing P3 and P4 have in common is a cameo appearance of a character from P3 in P4.

add these : patapon, rengoku, tekken.

I agree with colorless. Try out Birth By Sleep. I would also recommend Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Screw Dissidia, if you really want to ruin your time with that game, skip the first one and start with Dissidia 012.
It contains the story of the first, and 012 is basically a prequel.

While Dissidia (and 012) is not a great game, it is okay to kill some time.

Rather play FFIV, VII, VIII and IX if you haven't already. All of them are on the PSP (FFIV as updated version, the other 3 as PSOne-Ports via PSN).

I never was a fan of Patapon, though. And Birth by Sleep fell extremely short in terms of enjoyment...

Have to agree on Persona 3 Portable, though!


big swords. . . humongous guns .. . multiple/cooperative gameplay . .. what else? :D it's like .. . an online game inside your psp. ..even though the banner is for ps

it's also available on psp . . . i just . . . kinda forgot the full name for psp. . .. i think it's also this .. .or just God Eater. ..

Stop calling it Gods Eater. Not even the dub calls it 'GODS'. Fucking localization fail <_<

Aside from that, yeah, try God Eater.

Jeanne D'Arc
It's pretty old, but it was an amazing game to play.

Also LocoRoco and Patapon.(Simple graphics, but still...) C:

Crisis Core, Peacewalker, and Persona

@DC it's what the title says. . .. i made a note at the end of the post and I'm sorry for going with the title given by the producers or manager. ..thing themselves. .

well, it just is odd that people simply accept that title ;A;
bad localizations should be fought with all our might.
Otherwise they won't improve a thing. Ever.

anyone in so-cal play God Eater :D seriously i wanna trade avatar cards D:

OK, here we go:

MGS: Peace Walker ( MUST play! )
Persona 3 Portable
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Dissidia Final Fantasy
DJ MAX Portable 3
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Enjoy :)

I just hope you have a hacked PSP, @colorless
Gonna be expensive otherwise.. xD

Lumines! You can probably get it for next to nothing, it's a fantastic musical puzzle game.

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