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Code Geass Conclusion (Thread)

(could be considered spoiler)

Well if you’ve watched Code Geass you’ll know about the undecided ending whether Leelouch died or not. I’ve noticed something when I was watching the series again that I haven’t noticed before that I wanted to share.

First thing is that do you remember that girl that Leelouch used his Geass on to measure how long the control would last? Well watching the whole series again got me to conclude that his power stops working on a person if he forgets about his power or if he loses it (concluded after the girl stopped marking the wall once the Emperor rewrote Leelouch’s memory about Geass). The “loses” part wasn’t demonstrated but if the power stops if he forgets he has it, then it makes sense that the control stops once he loses it. You have to accept my conclusion about losing control over a person for this to work.

Next is that you have to answer if you could serve under a man who betrayed the world. If it’s yes then that means that the soldiers serving under Leelouch in the ending scene could have lost Leelouch’s control and still work for him. That means he could’ve gotten the Emperor’s code and lived through the stab from Suzaku. Leelouch’s new name now would R2 (such as C2 and V2).

If no then Leelouch must’ve still had his powers which means he couldn’t have gotten the Emperor’s Code as people with the Code can’t use Geass. That means that Leelouch must’ve died, but I like mostly everyone else I know that have watched the show, wanted him to be alive. Also if you happen to catch Prince Schneizel’s expression when he was in chains, it seems as if he was still under the control of Geass. If Leelouch had the Code then that means Schneizel should’ve started acting on his own as Leelouch’s control over people ends if he loses his powers or if forgets he has it.

So that's my opinion on the ending. Just wanted to share it with you guys that wanted a definite conclusion to the series.

The girl still marks the wall. Writers said so.

As for if he's dead or not, as much as I want him to be alive I think it wraps the story up nicely if he's dead. Sorry, Lulu.

It does wrap up the story nicely if he did die, but I'm iffy on it that cart scene is very vauge.

There's an (official) Code Geass thread, you should have searched first before making a new one :)

i also think his dead makes a better end, but n the other hand ther e is something odd about it: in th3 newtype magazine, where there was a short article about the new geass season, there was a picture of seemingly the dvd-cover, and it had three persons on it: a guy with a lot of swords and broown hair, a girl that looked like a more adult/aggressive version of c.c., and in the background, a face where we cold see the bangs and the eyes, and the bangs looked liek lelouchs, the eyes as well, there were geass-signs in both eyes so it means it has to be him after the whole incident before, doesnt it? that intrigued me...

nuh uh ! Lelouch was still alive look at the ending carefully where C2 on...

There will be an animation called: Code Geass Gaiden: Bōkoku no Akito. There is no information about it whatsoever, not even the trailer tells us anything.

And there is a manga that features a guy who looks like Suzaku with a cursed arm, and CC in some knight armor. I read only a chapter of it though, I don't quite remember.

@kaitsu i know what you mean, i just said that in the newstype magazine there are two pages about it (one is just a picture though, of a guy with a blue-red uniform and a hairstyle that looks similar to that iof that one chinese man in code geass r2 and a church windiow and a girl), thats what i meant

Lulu is dead... That's it :D


@scamp is this shopped or real? i dont remember..

@Scamp It looks edited to me,If you zoom in,the 1st picture with the hat on IS from the anime and you can see If you look carefully that he has got long white hair then the 3rd picture is a FAKE wich was edited to look like Lelouch.
Side story,takes place at the same time as R1

@Gargron XD my bad
When I was looking for proof that he is dead? or alive? I found this
"Code Geass R2 26 Alternative Ending "

DAMN YOU,YOU YOUTUBE FAKERSS! Thought im not acually mad coz Lelouch was in it :) so HA

Okay, I've watched some theories about the death of Lelouch. There are people saying that lelouch shows up on Code Geass Gaiden: Bōkoku no Akito. When i heard it, i almost cried. Lelouch alive would be great (although, I really think that the end with Lelouch dead is more epic).

But now, I read that Code Geass Gaiden: Bōkoku no Akito takes place at the same time as R1 (@LottiiUndead 's post) - what almost proves Lelouch's death.

The theories that i heard is:
Some time though the series, C.C (i guess) says that when the geass's symbol shows in the both eyes, that people is immortal. And that happens with lelouch when he is "fighting" against his father (with Susaku, C.C and Marienne - end of season 2). So, the ending scene would be a "fake" death. Lelouch is very clever. That actually goes with his personality. "Changes the world and get out alive".
@Gargron - really? i think that she is dead at that moment. Is there a prove that she is not a "spirit" or something like that?. if so, please tell me the episode that shows it. that would be so useful! Thanks. That would actually prove that he is dead or alive.

@zankin i dont think thre geass stops working when he forgets about it or loses it btw, since both shirley memoy-erase-geass and suzaku's "live" geass where still active even though lelouchs memory was rewritten by charl's geass. also, the girl marianne used to survive as still kinda under charles geass even a she already died, and orange-kun, erm jeremiah had to cancel it with the geass caceler. so i guess the death of the originof the geass doesnt mean the order will stop beeing effective. maybe leouch just told the wallmarking girl to stop at a point.

I think they ended the series very well not too long not too short jusssssst right XD

Oh I guess you're right. I forgot all about Leelouch's geass on Suzaku. But why would Leelouch just randomly tell the girl to stop marking the wall? Also, he can't use geass to rewrite a command because it wouldn't work as it only works on a person once.

i guess if he continued it would looks strange, and i thought i remembered he only told her tomark it to test how long hos power works and old her to "mark the wall until he tells her to stop", to test if that works if its formulated like that, or am i remebereing this wrong? though there is always the possibilitiy of it beeing simply a mistake on the creator's side. or maybe the geass'es where inactive while he was not remmebering, though in that case, shirley wouldve rememebred everything. except if charles reworte her memory as well.

talkign about it only working once, i always wondered, if jeremiah cancels a geass from lelouch on someone, can he do it again since the former geass is gone?


I'm just so freaking sad that Shirley died...she and Leolu would have been perfect together :(

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