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Code Geass Conclusion (Thread) - Page 2

As sad as it seems Lulu is gone, after all:
"People die if they are killed" - Emiya Shirou

@CrimsonSeven I don't think there was really the need to mention spoilers about that since this thread reeks of them since this is about the conclusion. Maybe a spoiler tag should be included in the title?

Also look on the bright side at least they're together now XD.... perhaps?

Hm after watching Code Geass again...I'd say Lulu is still alive...but I heard they were making a R3 anime based on different characters. We will see where that leads I suppose.

@ImagineBreaker according to the world of bleach, people don't die when they are killed, they simply disappear from the show for a little while. but yeah, pretty sure he's dead. he was my favorite character (i like evil characters, i was rooting for kira the entire time in death note)

@everyone who though Lulu is dead,

@crimsonseven and why do you think that?

Having him still alive would cheapen the ending, in my opinion.

And the creators said he was dead. They didn't think the ending was as ambiguous as most people seem to think. But then, what one writes and what one reads are all too often two different things.

Well I found some proof here you guys are.

"My take is that Lelouch is alive.

The most obvious reason would be CC calling to Lelouch in the closing scene of the episode. As we can assume CC to be still sane, she must be talking to someone, and that someone would most probably be the driver of the cart: Lelouch would have to be alive.

Second, however, and this is where the others have thought things through, Lelouch is alive because he got his dad’s code. He beckoned the World of C to lend him its powers, and he took Charles’s code before Charles passed on. The reason why Lelouch still has his Geass is because he didn’t take the Code from the same person who gave him his Geass: he took his Geass from CC, and he took his Code from Charles. Thus, he now possesses both immortality and a Geass. This is also a reason that the title is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

To further corroborate this, however, remember that when Nunnally held Lelouch’s hand he transferred his memories to her. CC also did it when Lelouch touched her accidentally back then, so it could be assumed that people with Codes are indeliberate telepaths. This leaves us with both immortals traversing the world for the rest of eternity.

It’s a great end, friends. :)

P.S. Ending line of CC translated by bibi: “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”

P.P.S. Additional evidence, courtesy of `Nergal and 4chan:

  1. Charles grabbed Lelouch with his right hand, which had the Geass sigil.
  2. Lelouch needed the fully evolved Geass to transfer a code.
  3. The code doesn’t appear to activate until someone dies. Hence, why C.C. was wounded when she first inherited her code. Same happened with Charles in the World of C.
  4. When Lelouch touched Nunnally, Nunnally got a flash of his memories. This ONLY happens when a high potential Geass user touches someone with the fully evolved Geass.
  5. The title of the series is “R2″, which is similar to how “C.C” is pronounced. So Lelouch would be “R.R.” which is Engrish (I presume) for L.L., Lelouch Lamprouge.
  6. When C.C. is talking on the wagon, she says “the power of Geass brings loneliness…that’s not quite right is it, Lelouch?” and nods her head in the direction of the wagon driver.

P.P.P.S More evidence, courtesy of an intelligent anon from 4chan:

Orange knew of Lelouche’s and Suzaku’s plan and helped them out by ordering his men not to fire on Zero, he even smiled when Zerozaku jumped on his shoulder.

Now would Orange, a man who devoted himself entirely to Lelouche and threw away everything without a second thought be OK with a plan where the sole person he wants to protect in life is actually killed? The answer to that is NO, not even if Lelouche ordered him to accept the plan: he would not go along with it and would protect him with his life. There is only one way that Orange would be OK with a plan like that and thats if he knew about Lelouche’s immortality, which I assume he did as he worked with V.V. in the Geass research base. Orange was OK with this plan as he knew Lelouche would come to no harm and would be able to start a new peaceful life with the woman he loves in a world which he himself had made peaceful.

Even at the end, we see Orange on his orange plantation, completely content with the way things have panned out, he definitely could not be that happy had Lelouche actually died.

That's a pretty detailed reasoning and you're free to follow it.

Reconstructing those key scenes into my mind however shows a different theory. that Lulu didn't survive, if you got back to the last few episodes particularlly the moment of Zero Requiem. If Lulu really was immortal why would both Suzaku and CC be crying about his death? Lulu isn't dumb enoughto agree to being killed only to not actually die, since he'd know that would ruin the purpose of Zero Requiem since his death would free the world from evil. Both Suzaku and CC were in the world of C and would've therefore seen Lulu getting the code if he really took it from Charles.

As for Orange being OK with it, true he was extremely loyal to Lulu at the end but perhaps it's because he was so loyal he decided to obey is Lord's wishes. Perhaps like most people he just moved on, there's no point grieving forever after all.

Finally the overlooked carriage seen before the ending, first of the driver isn't Lulu no matter how hard people agree with it and secondly just because CC was "talking" to him doesn't mean he IS alive. People usually say things informing the dead of things are without them. A lot of people have read too much into this scene I would say.

exactly. kallen also "talks " to lulu in taht way, like you "talk" to a deceased. CC doe sexactly the same. nunnaly understood what llu was doing at the end, but that doesnt mean that she got a flash of his memories, she simply finally understood what he was actually doing i guess. also, if lelouch woudlve taken charles code, it wouldve been visible, i guess as the hand was on his neck, tahst where the code should be. however, we dont see a code on his neck, and well.. suddenly taking that code would be against his principles and everythign he acts liek at that scene.. as he says, he wnts thigns to rpoceed, he wats "tomorrow". beeign immortal liek charles would play into wanting the past or the present to o on forever, what charles and schneizel wanted but not lulu. the r2 is simply rebellion2.

WAIT. Hold it.

Marienne is alive (well, at least she was), just living through Anya. Her own Geass had her basically hide in the soul of Anya when she was about to die, right after V.V. shot her. Meaning C.C. actually WAS talking to Marienne, as she said when Lelouch met Charles and Marienne in the World of C.

As for everything else, we're talking Lelouch here. Going off of what @CrimsonSeven is saying, the fact that he got the code from his father, and the increased power of his Geass should be enough to infer that Lelouch, is in fact alive.

Other than that, @CrimsonSeven has basically summed it up. =w=

@taiphlosion except that there is no "fact" that he got the code from his father, just an idea/theory with little to no proof, plus the increased power of his geass is no reason for him to keep beein alie, as the geass is only a power that interferes with th epsyche of other humans in different ways..

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