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Worst Video Game Ever Played (Thread)

Searched the threads, didn't find any, so here we go. =w=b

What is the WORST video game you've ever played, and why?

Mine would be Onimusha 2 for the PS2....played it for like 10 minutes and literally set the controller down and turned the damn game off. No camera control, poor controls, and just overall boring gameplay made me ragequit in just a mere 10 minutes. I've never played a worse game.

Well, let me know~ I want to know your opinions. 8D

worst game i have ever played was .hack//Link
-most of the entire cast of the characters from the other titles joined together in one final game
-Music was awesome

-reptitive gameplay
-story sucked
-its made on the PSP which it should have been made on a console instead
-the Main chacter desgin looks horrible
-area's are linear and no exploration

-only a party of of just two people

One that springs instantly to mind is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Gets ready for the shit storm that's bound to happen.

any questions?

COD: Black Ops (Not including the side games (Zombies and the dual-stick shooter)).

Every single game based on movies. I can't name any right now but you know what I mean. The types of games thats used just to promote the movie and it comes out just as the movie comes out. These games are so bad its harder to remember them than to forget about them.

@one seconded.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy! ... Seriously, don't ever play that shit... It's broken beyond repair. Something died inside me when I had to win that piece of hell.

Luigi's mansion. I was all excited for a game based on Luigi instead of Mario when I bought it, then all you could do was carry a vacuum, get punched by ghosts, and get K.O.'d by the freaking chandelier.

2nd worst was Spectrobes, just because I got trapped in a room with an enemy to strong to beat, and it wouldn't let me leave to train, and I ended up having to restart to do anything.

@Xyopq How can that be the WORST game you have ever played?

I know of many horrible games, but I can't decide which ones the worst o.o

@One There's actually a fair few good movie based games made in that manner, Spider-Man 2 and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers being examples.


  • Lord of Arcana is pretty high ranked...
  • CoD: Black Ops
  • most of the annual sports games

but I'm actually with @Masakisu; the Lord of the Rings PS2-games were pretty sweet and better than what we got outside the movie-trilogy


Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox-360) - Apart from glitches, the gameplay was annoying and quite painstaking at times, the achievements were also a rip.

Sumpreme Commander (Xbox-360) - Should not have been made, the 360 at the time could not handle the frames per second and unless you went into tactical view the game would lag.

Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) - You may hate me for it but I really could not stand it, it became too linear and narrow, my jump from XII to XIII was a disappointing, going from open worlded, side quests dozens of weapons and armors to a straight line and a couple of immediate items just didn't do it for me, another reason I disliked it is it would have worked out better as a film than game, the graphics were stunning... but that's about it, the developers seemed to have gone for a "look at what technology can make" approach that took up every piece of GB of the game sacrificing gameplay.

BlackSite: Area 51

I... forgot to list FFXIII...
thanks for reminding, @hellstorm901

Black ops
Took the COD series to a new low with poor maps, balance and campaign.

I completed it to prove to a friend I could do it, hated every second though as it got repetitive and was generally quite poor all round.

James Bond: The world is not enough.
Lacked the atmosphere and panache that you'd expect from a James Bond game.

Crackdown 2
The first Crackdown was ok, but the second was a poor quality remake which lacked direction, quality and playability. Played it for 2 days before I traded it in pronto.

Final Fantasy XIII and Black Ops
Seriously, FFXIII was just basically walk in a line for the entire game until you got to Gran Pulse.
And everyone is head over heels for shooters when they aren't that great.

FFXIII's problem wasn't linearity. Granted, walking down corridors was boring, but given that the world was so intricately beautiful it's forgiveable. The real problem lay in the battle system and storyline, both of which were stale, boring, and repetitive.

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