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Worst Video Game Ever Played (Thread) - Page 6

Halo. Yup, I said it.
Awaits the imminent attack of rabid fanboys

@Hutch Hutchenson Why? COD Black ops i HATED IT -_-

I hate COD in general. The last GOOD COD was COD2. After that one I quit caring.

Oblivion... -_- MY OPINION!!!

The games main story line was fail. I actually liked all the side quests more than the main one.

After much thought, I believe that Superman 64 was the worst game I've ever played. The gameplay was horrific.

Custer's Revenge
Superman 64
Kid Icarus (the very first one)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

You just lost The Game.

Space Channel 5 for the Gameboy Advance

The Concept is kinda silly(defeating aliens by dancing)

Poor Graphics (in this case its important, since you have to watch and copy your enemies movement)

I'd have to say dark void. . . .one of the worst games I have ever bought and I will regret playing that trash heap for the rest of my life.

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