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I hate people with brown hair!!!! (Thread)

As I walked through the morning light in the city; a pleasant creature graced my personal level comfort zone. I halted in mid step to insure I wouldn't trample on such a delicate being. She was gifted with the most gorgeous soft brown hair. She had eyes of oceans and skin the color of the pale moon. I stopped her for a brief moment to ask her if she would join me for tea and brunch at the local cafe. She was a man.

Thou fuckith me to hell.

Hey, I hate brown people too- Oh, you said hair.

As if you care whether it's a man or a woman, volkie.



Make me a mod plz.

^Make me a sammich

Ask our dear leader for that privilege.

He hates me cuz I'm Japanese.

Japanese and a female? That's double butthurt right there.

Garcion is jelly cuz I'm me and he's him.

He all up in my bubble wanting to be me.


Japanese female 3D x2 disgusting.

We hate you too <3

I love my Gray hair!

Volkie failed time and time again asking @Gargron, and I don't see that changing ever xD"

Anyway, I don't think Gar is jealous of you or hates you cause you're self-proclaimingly japanese.
Can't say I cannot think of many reasons why he might dislike you, though x'D

He hates me cuz I'm Indian.

Gee thanks, guess I'll go dye my hair blonde then :(

Leth bby it's ok.

you can be you.

just dont be you by me or I will kill you.

Hate... People with brown hair?! emo corner WHY ME!? T_T

<--- Is brown-haired but wants to bleach it pure white... So... otaku-ish >>

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