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The Visual Novel Thread (Thread)

My aim is to gather us, readers of visual novels to share our experiences and recommendations for reading.

We can also make a recommendation for those who would like to start reading.

I've read some visual novels(ones with English translation)

-Saya No Uta, sad ending (patch was at Tl wiki then taken down)
-School Days (patch provided by Sekai project up to chapter 4 then stopped because of license)
-Chaos;Head (really awesome) (patch provided by Tl wiki then taken down)
-Sekien no Inganock -What a beautiful people- (patch provided by Amaterasu translations) and still currently reading
-have Cross†Channel on Hold

Let's see... I mostly stick to Key and 07th Expansion, but here's a list
-Clannad, simply amazing..
-Little Busters, really awesome too (haven't finished it yet though)
-Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Love this soooo much.)

I really can't wait til ef - a fairy tale of the two is released by manga gamer, I'm really eager to get it!

was planning to read Umineko but there was also an anime for it out, which do i start with?

Starry☆Sky~in Spring

This is the only one Iv ever played

Awesome we finally have one of these threads~

I'm still new to the VN world and have only finished Planetarian which was amazing and a Hatsune Miku doujin one called "Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni", it's pretty good actually and doesn't take long to read.

@animeftw the anime adapts Eps 1-4 of the VN so if you want to watch it I'd say do it before playing it, I did the same and I thought it was a pretty decent show though I've heard to those who have already played the VN it's a piece of trash. You might as well try Higurashi before it though, they're not exactly related but both the anime and original VN are really good I'd say.

I was playing both Ever17 and Chaos;Head and really enjoyed what I saw though my saves were erased so I have to start all over again =<

What kind of VNs do you guys prefer? I play any type so long as it seems interesting and if possible isn't highly focused on ero content. I'll post my list sometime but I'll say it now, it's pretty huge and I take pride in it XD

i prefer those with more story, though i also played soem that are the "choice" type, like the stuff from unisonshift due to óme nice character arts. then i alos like most of the aworks from nitroplus, the "what abeautiful" games and the stuff from type-moon... my first visual novel ever was something with lots of inumimi, i dont really rememebr the name now but it was interesting. funny thing is, why do they talk about food so much in lots of eroge? food here, food there, they always make me hungry xD

I have played the demo for Katawa Shoujo and also have gone through Saya No Uta.

Honestly I am disappointed about how little VNs get translated. Especially because none of the ones aimed towards a female audience are never translated at all.

Ohhhh, finally, a VN thread~~
I was thinking of making one too, this is nice~

G-Senjou no Maou is just EPICALLY EPIC. I love this one. <33333333
Another one I really recommend is Chaos;Head, it's plot is very well made and thrilling. It contains some gore (not so much, though), and doesn't have H-Scenes or things like that, it's 15+. There's an english patch, so, I highly recommend it~
Another VN I'm looking forward to playing is Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier, but my resolution doesn't allow me to play it correctly, and I need a lot of programs for translating too.

It's really a pity that so few VNs get released outside Japan. It's a wonderful genre of game ;; Hopefully, we have lots of tools to help us on playing the japanese versions, but they don't help that much sometimes.

A little bit offtopic but still ontopic (?), does anyone know how to make a 1024x768 resolution PC run a widescreen game? I have Fortissimo here, but I can't make it go windowed, and fullscreen, part of the screen gets cut. Anyone? ;;

@Beachball True there aren't many translated which is really annoying.

There are a few Otome games which have been translated I have to say, there is Yo-Jin-Bo, Starry Sky in Spring, Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side and Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 2nd Kiss. This list doesn't include Yaoi games since I haven't checked which of those are translated.

This site is pretty helpful in finding info an VNs -

@Thoranth nice suggestions, I've got both G-Senjou and C;H and I completely agree with you. I REALLY want to play Fortissimo, did you know there an "EXA" version now which has redone CGs and is fully voiced? I just got my hands on it last night but now it's just sitting there since I can't read Japanese sad face

If you see the Fortissimo opening you'll all understand why it looks awesome XD

@break when you mention lots of Inumimi this comes to mind for some reason - is that the one you were talking about?

Fripside FTW (althought some songs sound reptitive)
anyone also know visual novels with and English patch?

@ImagineBreaker Yup, I heard about it, and forgot to look for it to download, I'm dying to play it ;;
And I've seen the opening too, SOOO addicting <333
There is another opening, but from the first version (dunno if the EXA version got an opening like this too or just a remake from FripSide's) from Yousei Teikoku:

I think there are 3 Yousei Teikoku songs in this game. Yousei Teikoku is pure win.

@animeftw FTW.
That I've played, and recommend, Chaos;Head and G-Senjou no Maou. Fate/Stay Night too, but I didn't like it very much.

awesome Post

Indeed fripSide ftw, to think if it wasn't for Railgun I wouldn't have even known this gem existed

Asgard is a pretty awesome song, both that and Keep Existing are the only ones I know she sings for this VN.
Couldn't find the exact time it's used but here's a trailer with the song used:

There's a mini vocal album and you can find the track list here -

anyone else think that visual novel openings sound better than openings from anime?

To an extend I agree.

Generally speaking you could say VN openings tend to be better but there are times where Anime ones sound even better than some VN openings.

For example Fate/Stay Night had a pretty good opening for its VN but at the same time the Anime's OP was really good too.

VN (PC + Realta Nua):

Anime (OP2 + Reproduction):

In the end I guess it depends on personal preference.

Oh yeah for those who haven't read Fate/Stay Night, if you've already watched the Anime at least check it out for the Heavens Feel route which hasn't been adapted and also because some parts are developed more in the VN since it's longer I'm guessing.

know anywhere to get the game (Fate/Stay Night)?

@animeftw not sure if that's against the rules or not but here goes.

If it is I'll just remove it.

I've just finished Swan Song. My God, it makes you think, HARD.

Waiting for Mangagamer to release ef, and DEARDROPS. (Kira Kira fan here).

The newest KEY visual novel, "Rewrite"

Co-written by Romeo Tanaka (Cross†Channel, Yume Miru Kusuri) and Ryukishi07th (Umineko, Higurashi)

@Lagann you're not alone Kira Kira is one of my favourite VNs at the moment (bought the iPhone version), I'm really enjoying it at the moment XD

I'll probably get Ef once the combine the two parts in a set. Rewrite looks pretty interesting, mind you I'll probably like any Key VN. The 2nd OP (one linked) blew my mind, if they do make it like this rather than everyone's previous idea of a emotional high school mystery drama it'll still be awesome. Especially since Ryukishi I'd writing it.
Fo you think this is real though? Since ut wad released close to April 1st many think it's fake.
Should be awesome either way~

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