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The Visual Novel Thread (Thread) - Page 70

@SENsei you should stay, i mean the newfags and their DRRRthreads are nto really a reaosn good enough to quit--you just have to ignore those, like we (or at leats i) do...

@Lagann so it seems~ Probably'll wait for them to work on ME though since that has all the extra stuff from EX.

@break that's only SOME newfags, though there's a fair amount. Sure it may be many but ignoring it I find pretty easy. But we can't change someone's mind if they're really set on it now can we? As sad as that may be.

lol with that they can make a certain disliked chater die in many ways lol, and damn i have yet to finsh wtaching Macross Frontier had problems trying to find the episodes to download(against streaming)

if u dont mind me asking what visual novel is your display pic from? kinda curious or if its not from a visual novel light novel/managa perhaps?

say it aint, u will be remembered and misssed by everyone in this thread

@SENsei at least come back soemtime later, or give us another wa to keep contact?

@yoshiyoshi yep, tahts true^^ sure if there are only a few unimportant h-scene sits oka,y but soemtiems it gets obnoxious, especially when they dotn fit at all...

nods I think I'm beginning to handle ero scenes more. All it took was reading at the kitchen table~

Oh yeah there was some more info about the PC release of Realta Nua. It'll be released in 3 parts, one for each route starting with Fate next Friday, then Unlimited Blade Works in January and finally Heaven's Feel in February. The price for each will be 2800yen (2940 including tax).

@ImagineBreaker they are doing each route separatycally? hmmm but (unless the games work like addons and are megred together automatically) wotn taht hrit some of the original features? like gettign all 40 tiger stamps (death scenes) or having the full weapon- and servant info...

Not sure how it'll work yet, all I know is each route is released separately and it'll be all ages (15+). Seems my theory of TYPE-MOON trying to release more all ages games is coming true. I bet Tsukihime will be probably all ages too.

In other news I finished the DEARDROPS trial. It was pretty awesome!!
Ended at a pretty good point and it really drew me into its world.
Fortunately I saved close to the end so I can continue from there in the final version~

sucks i gotta pay to update a driver on my computer >.> to even play the deadrops demo /well be settling this prblem later on

@animeftw that does indeed suck. Haven't you had problems in the past too? Maybe it's time to move onto a new machine, as harsh as that sounds.


@Lagann seems so, though it's actually cheaper than the original on Jlist, though including shipping it'd probably cost the same. Still a bit concerned about them keeping RN all ages. Apparently that ruined HF.

it is indeed near for me to move on with a new computer since my computer has rarely sometimes retart on it own also that these technical problems are killing me

anyone have Laptop recomandations?

after watching season 2 of zero no tsukaima(season 3 still sucked ass), i realized that one of the chatcers has my name

@animeftw well, i use a dell vostro laptop and its really good. i recommend that.

ah, zero no tsukaima.. i like it, but i missed otu on it when ti originally came so im just watching it along with the BD comign out, so i just started watchign season 2 too

I use a Samsung R439. For studying and light gaming purposes.

@animeftw mine is a IBN 5100...not really!
I think it might be a Toshiba Satellite A300-1GN, I'm not sure actually, all I know is it kinda looks like this, has 300GB HDD and 4GB Memory
it might not be that model since I doubt I have a discontinued model. It was a hand-me-down like every other laptop I've gotten.
Use it for everything really. Can even play 1080 anime pretty well (still jumps a bit sometimes).

Someone shares the same name as you in ZnT? Pretty awesome! I shared the same name with someone from Gundam SEED...they died -__-

@break well I'm sure you'll enjoy it, every season has some likeable moments, sure 3 was the weakest but it was alright. Really concerned about F though since they seem to be focusing on one arc (maybe the last?). I really want them to do one of the middle storylines which I won't mention due to spoilers. The LN is still getting translated luckily.

true, true^^ hmmm dunno if F is supposed to e the end or not, woudltn that kinda be a problem due tothe author#s cancer?

F is supposed to end it. Like Shana III F(inal) it'll be the last. Given the fact the author was readmitted to hospital last Saturday so he can't finish it. He planned to end the series with it's last volume next year but given what's happening there's a possibility he won't be able to make it on time. It's possible they'll either go original, stall the airing or finish it as OVAs.

hmmyeah seems like it...

for u laptop owners have u guys had any difucluty playing Visual novels? like playing fullscreen? etc.. any other problems since my birth day is coming up i could ask for a laptop for a gift

fuck yea jus finshed paying off my copy of Nanoha A's Portable God box,all letf to do is pre-oreder presdient
speaking o shana i havent even started wataching shana season 3, BUt now that i know for a fact that mami kawada is singing the 2nd opening i shall now start

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