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The Visual Novel Thread (Thread) - Page 71

@animeftw I can only think of one VN I've had problems with and that's be Symphonic Rain. The registry thing is too confusing!!
Other than that nothing comes to mind. Full screen is usually fine though I tend to play windowed.

Nice job!! Now that means I've got someone to play with!!
But first I've got to 100% Battle of Aces, cleared every story but I still haven't unlocked any of the Material characters which pisses me off. Mainly because I don't know how to trigger all the extra battle =(
Still need to get President and the rest of my VNs. Fortunately the place I started ordering anime from sells them pretty cheap with shipping being only around £2 (was the case with Gundam Unicorn and Madoka). Once they stock up I might start getting my VNs from there.

We were speaking of Shana? Doesn't matter if we weren't really~
Get on with it! Final is pretty awesome and makes the others look pretty weak. Kotoko and Altima (Kurosaki Maon and m.o.v.e) did pretty amazing songs~

I haven't encountered any problems except for when installing a japanese game on a machine whose locale is not yet changed to japanese.

Oh yeah there's the locale too, I forget about that since mine has been JP from the start~

Guess I'll add that the final patch for Umineko Chiru is now out!

@animeftw You wanted to say "Saya No Uta - Sad ENDINGS" :D

Gonna try the deardrops trial wwwwwwwwwwww

@Lagann you'll not only try it but you'll also enjoy it!!
I can guarantee that =)

To make today even more awesome not only was Umineko released today but just a few hours ago do was Little Busters!

Third update of the day!! Pretty strange for a Sunday though.
Looks like it wasn't enough for Umineko Chiru to be completely translated. 07th Expansion revealed along with Higanbana Ep2 and Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross they'll also be releasing a 2nd Umineko fandisk titled Hane (Feathers) -

Link to Little Busters dl? lol

OH NICE. Mahoyo delivers. the art is GOD TIER.! TIME TO READ

...and damn, looking at that winter is coming thread in the front page, i'm having a feeling this site will go down and move to the dev.colorless website. i'm gonna start archiving the thread now.

Can probably find it at the usual places but since KH1 isn't working atm here's an alternative.
Torrent -
Patch -!
Will be getting the ME/EX version though.

So this month for TYPE-MOON we've got Mahoyo (trial), Fate Realta Nua (Fate Route), Carnival Phantasm 3rd and Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code.
In comparison 07th Expansion has Umineko Hane, Ougon Musou Kyoko Cross and Higanbana.
Not only that but there's many other pieces of goodness to come from C81!

EX version:

Still gonna wait till its completed. The patch does the same as the original so parts will be untranslated.

Would be awesome if I could get my hands on the actual Memorial Box~

Mahoyo trial release. playing it now, this game is very awesome.

There are no voices.

I was playing it before going to work, oh god, aoko is olev

BTW after 3 1/2 years of work, the little busters enlishpatch is finally done! get it at TLwiki.
agh just noticed lagann beat me to it. dammnit.

Am I invisible I wonder?
Just asking. I feel like Akarin from YuruYuri ;<

@ImagineBreaker ah sorry XDD
on a side note, is the torrent the ero o the non-ero version of LB?

I'll forgive you this time, be honoured!!
I'm 98% certain it's the all ages original. Someone wouldn't post the EX/ME ones until the translation for the extra stuff was done.
@Lagann's is clearly EX though

hmmmm ill wait for taht then xD its not like im in a hurry, and i kinda.. want kudwafter.

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