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The Visual Novel Thread (Thread) - Page 72

damn my slow internet it will take me all day to downlaod load little busters

@break figured you would...pervert :3
Nah I'm kidding, besides the ero there's also additional parts to the story like new heroines and such.

xDD you know me^^ you the same dont deny it!
ogf ocurse, tahts a bonus~ hm iwodne rif someone will translate kudwafter too (shes got her own spinoff title titlesd kudwafter , all about her^^)

Did I deny it? :3
Not just a bonus man, it's THE main reason to get it~

Who knows? it's just as likely as Tomoyo After, in other words slim at the moment.

haha true
ah your right~~

hm yor right.. tho doki said they picked up tomoyo after as their first VN project

@break that they did. Still not word on how things are progressing with that though -__-


little busters is still downlaoding OTL


Darn it!! Me and the US don't seen to get alo. Would be awesome to go to though XD

Also somebody buy me all this stuff!!! You shall be rewarded in treasure and loli (not that they'r really different)
You'd have to be a fool not to want it all!!

i wish to go as well BUT if only my dumbass knew how to travel out of the state OTL

although im not a fan of type-moon (Yet, been pushing back playing games till monday since then ill have a week of stragight reading to do so) i would buy all that shit

Still waiting for little busters to downlaod still OTL (i know it be faster to DDL but i have gone to far to change methdos now 2 hours left

@animeftw well I've only watched the adaptation but I can guarantee you'll become a fan since they're all awesome XD

Well two hours isn't that long, you can do a lot of other things then XD

well i finally installed little busters w/english patch but now this shows up,anyone know what i need to do? OTL its like i have been banned from playing Visual novels by my computer or something...............


@animeftw That's from the Tales poll right? The wallpaper I mean.
1503...we meet again!! Either you use the DVD/ISO or appy the nocd crack using the DVD/ISO. Something like that.

awesome another person who knows about the "Tales Of" series. yea its from the tales poll although i have mixed feelings on weather to get twin brave .cant damn wait for Graces F to be realsed although im holding out on pre=order untill hopefully some LE bundle is announced buyt most likelye no but i could be wrong
back on topic i finally found the patch (2 hours of searching) started to play the 1st 10 mins and lol cats (yea take that computer)

@animeftw I don't just know of it, I'm a hardcore fan!! (if that's possible having only played 2 games).
I'm also gonna wait for a possible LE for it.

You took that long to look? I could've just gave you mine if you were having difficulties :3

I remember bursting out with laughter during the first battle...that eel pie XD

aaaghhh i knew i shoul start with the tales of... series already.

i've only played Vespria,Abyss,and Xillia as well as the demo to graces i feel ibn love with the serise after playing cespria my 1st tales game okanning to buy both tales of sympnia games today due to the money i got for my birthday today

damn right although i have a tough choice choosing between wihch series i love more the Tales o or SMT since i love both equally

random song post OF anyone knows detales of the artist or even a sight to buy th CD playasia,cd japan ETC.....IT BE A GREAT HELP!! dont wanna be forced to -gulp- youtube rip

haha yeah^^ well i still didnt manage to get orphus telos in eprsona 3, didnt finish THE ANSWE yet either (because the answer kinda lacks somethign different than fighting, i get tired of it easily, so i do somethign, like, do a dungeon, train a little, then i ge ttired of it and dont touch it for weeks, then i do the next dungeon.. hence i am very slow playing the answer..)

@animeftw my list is TOS (1+2), TOV+G trials, Radiant Mythology and some Eternia
This is all I could find -

I say it's a tie between the two, both are awesome in their own ways XD

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