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The Visual Novel Thread (Thread) - Page 73

yay, this thing does actually look REALLY interesting.

Interesting indeed~
The blue haired girl has a bit TOO large of a chest in comparison to the rest of her body though XD
1:00 mark - loli GET!!


god damit any one if anyone while plying little busters have the problem of the opening playing upside down? not only that the video is mirrowed

in random news im putting together a small plan to be able to go to that convention in boston hopefully it works and all goes well

@animeftw upside down?
Seems pretty odd...

Nice one!!!

hey guys! the fullvoice REBORN versions of sekien no inganock
and shikkoku no sharnoth
are out! anyone tested if the old patches work with the new versions, also the old savedatas?

oh shit awesome

sugoi bump desu

anyone have the game fully downloaded? im still downloading the torrent

@Lagann I approve of such a bump

@animeftw that I have not, though I get a feeling the patch might not work. Unless the scripts and files are exactly the same as the original.

Also the Fate route of Realta Nua came out today. If they haven't added anything I'll happily keep my RN patch for the original. With exception of the ero scenes still bring there it's exactly the same after all.

@animeftw i downlaoded inganock but didnt try out if the new patch works yet. im kinda rleuctant cuz id have to erase the old version i think..

December releases upon us... ty for full voice reborn. liar-soft is God.

and yuri game come quick!

Merry christmas everyone!

LB! is my christmas though~

I do believe you mean Merry Kurisumas!

Little Busters! and Umineko Chiru were awesome presents.
To top things off Fate H/A is now 71% complete!!~
Hopefully everything goes according to keikaku and a certain project is complete on Christmas XD

@ImagineBreaker whuuuaaat Hollow ataraxia did proceed? is there already a new partial patch, or is it just withthe progress?

+1 for the image

@break there's a 2.1 patch which was the latest (not sure if that was already released). The progress can also be found on the TLWiki page

@animeftw a fitting picture for a fitting time of year. Thank the guys who are doing S;G it was on their page where they're translating the manga~

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