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animation is like wtf awesome for the re-write opening

also waiting on Ef, i got my money saved for it

@ImagineBreaker This is true, I can't imagine KEY for trolling with that kind of OP. Slice of life with fighting and explosions? I'm sold.

I'm sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for the release of this game

@Lagann I sure hope it's not a troll KEY did, if it's true I'll respect the group even more for trying yet another different type of VN XD

I can't wait for Witch of Holy Night either, a new Type Moon release after Fate/Hollow and having Aoko from Tsukihime as the main character, what's not to want about it. And the Supercell song just makes it even better. Hopefully this year they'll announce more about it as well as the Tsukihime remake I keep hearing about XD

It's coming!

Too bad I don't have money, I'm a pirate when it comes to Visual Novels.

I just gave this to my friend to read, Quartett!

God-tier art by Oyari Ashito, and a good story of friends, life and music.

ah demonbane a novel which was delayed for so long

I'm gonna try buying Demonbane as well as Da Capo Limited Edition (already have all of D.C digitally bought though) this week. Hopefully then more VNs will get released if people buy enough.

I usually private VNs but have started buying them. They are pricey but it feels worthwhile in the end, similar to buying anime and manga.

Kinda irrelevant but my DP has vanished!! Meh I'll sort it out in the morning.

the limited edtion is kinda worth it, although they could have done a better job with the artbook and have it in a box(i got my copy of the limted edtion game and wanting to play it but my cd drive doesnt work T.T)

One year more, get a job, earn money, and help the industry.

What got you into VNs?

@animeftw ouch that really sucks about your Cd drive. Hope that problem gets solved soon.

I mainly want the LE for the book and OST, similar to why I want to buy Demonbane rather than pirate it (other than it looking really intetesting).

What I really wanna is how do sales to Europe from sites like JList work, since Demonbane and D.C LE are there and I live in England so u have to import them sadly.

I got into VNs pretty randomly, I finished watching C;H and heard it wasn't as good as the original. I had played Ever17 in the past and when I found out that was a VN I looked up VNs online. Now I have 20+ VNs on my HDD XD

Hmm... I first read the Tsukihime manga, then moved on to the VN. And here I am reading one after the other.

I'm downloading raws too, in hopes of expanding my Japanese vocabulary, but I still have a very long road ahead of me.

@Lagann at least you're trying to understand. I'm still at the point where I can't read more than 2 characters, though I can understand what I hear in Japanese much better than I could before XD

i got into Visual novels from hearing about a the novel Saya no Uta(also my first) and i heard the plot was good and it was short and that a tranlstion patch was out(no longer up but you could proably find it if u look hard enough) so im like what the hell good plot,and english patch,so i downloaded it and played it.i was caught off guard by the H-scene (didnt know scences like that would show up) and quickly had to play with headphones (since it be werid for my parents to just walk on and see me play this). then i finshed it, after that i started to look up what visual novels were then from then on i went to look for visual novels w/english patches.

also if you own a DS look at this game called
999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
its a Visual Novel/Puzzle game and the story and music are awesome

@animeftw What kind of scenes?~~

Hehehe... I read visual novels in the kitchen, no one bothers me. :D


And it is so convenient, I can eat, read, eat, read without walking around HAHHAHA

I've been trying to get into Muv-Luv and Baldr force, but my laptop only has 1gb of memory left... 5 more months til I upgrade...

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