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The Visual Novel Thread (Thread) - Page 3

Aha, someone beat me to posting about Rewrite.
That video they posted blew my mind also, it's a real big change in Key's image. The way I see it is that the plot is going to be split in two distinct halves, the highschool drama, and the dark action story. Just compare the two trailers, it'll be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Also @animeftw I definitely recommend picking up Umineko, but how you go about it is up to you. I've found a lot of people were turned off Umineko because the introductory arc went for so long (a few hours if I recall), and they just couldn't be bothered. I went for the anime first but this was before I even knew there was a translation of the Visual Novel, but I enjoyed it. That said it's nothing in comparison to the Visual Novel, it goes into so much more detail and feels a lot more complete. That and it goes twice as far into the story as the anime does :P

If I were you personally, I would watch maybe a bit of the anime, say the first arc, and then decide if it's for you or not before picking up the visual novel.

@imagienbreaker yes thats the one

Any visual novels you'd like to see localized / translated?


Kara no Shoujo and Cartagra. Praying for Mangagamer to get this.

@Lagann just looking at the art that one looks interesting XD

I don't mind which but if it's localised that means I can buy it so that may be better off.

I've got quite a few I would want localised/translated:

Any Nitro+ VN
Steins;Gate (still N+) - The Anime's out but I still want the original
Time Paladin Sakura (T.P.S) - D.C spinoff and is All-Ages
Fortissimo EXA - As mentioned earlier it looks awesome!
Baldr Series (Force + Sky)
Rewrite (duh)
A re-release of Phantom since I really don't like Interactive DVDs
The remaining chapters of Higurashi Rei (console Arcs would be a bonus)
Triangle Heart 3 - Saw the Anime after Nanoha and it could be good, though I would want to see the fan disk containing the original Nanoha more~
12Riven - The Infinity Series needs to be finished!!

I could go on but I'll stop there for now.

LOL just go on!

Tried playing Kara no Shoujo raw, but fuck it's a detective game and a visual novel in one. Can't investigate the scene of the crime with Japanese characters in your screen. And you have to take notes too. DAMN.

Very well:
11eyes (Crossover after original + Resona Forma)
3days since it has the same setting as 11eyes
Mahoutsukai no Yoru (again obvious reason)
The Polyphonica series
OreImo PSP
Mai Hime VN
Ookami Kakushi
Shukufuku no Campanella
Shana DS
Haruhi VNs
428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de (Canaan was part of it and was an awesome anime)

That's all I can think of at the moment XD

Am...I have read some before but I've forgotten D:

Now I read... SWAN SONG! (Ecchi/Hentai)

And... Thanks for recommendations :D NEED TO DL THEM! A

damn i got a crap load of a List wishing to be localized/translated
-Omega no Shikai -Shiki no Hajimari / Mikaifuu no Hakoniha-
-Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~what a beautiful tomorrow~
-Hikari no Valcia ~What a beautiful hopes~
-Shiei no Sona-Nyl ~What a Beautiful Memories~
-11eyes (as well as the other sequels)
-Killer Queen
-Ookami Kakushi (after seeing the opening it looked intresting)
-To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
-Steins;Gate (was hoping some group would have translated it before the anime came out)
-Kara no Shoujo (translation was done by Tl wiki but projected stopped by a C&D letter from innocent gray)
-Yosuga no Sora (Tl wiki only translated 1 Route then stopped after C&D letter)
-Corpse Party Blood Covered: Repeated Fear
-Ludesia Spidering with Scraping‎

I love anything by Sake Visual

I haven't read too many VN's cause they take FOREVER to get through lol. I have read a couple;
-Umineko Chiru (5~7)
-Ever 17
-Katawa Shoujou
-Remember 11 (Not done)


I'm looking forward the OreImo and the new Suzumiya Haruhi one, even if it's in Japanese. I can't read really well but hope it will do.

By the way, just to add one more opinion, the Fate Stay/Night VN is great!

Oh, and I'm also wondering where people purchase the VN's in english. Can you find them in stores or would you have to order them online?

you would have to order them online

Anyone follwing Sono Hanabira series? :3

more people should know the "what a beautiful..." series. by liar-soft.
sekien no inganock-what a beautiful people has been translated, the others like shikkoku no sharnath not... its pretty awesome, reaaallyyy unusual artstyle, steampunk and alice in wonderland/fairytale stuffs

@break I'll try this game thanks!

@lagann no prob^^

shikkoku no sharnoth-wha a beautiful tomorrow is probably the best out of them

I would like to play an eroge.

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