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The Visual Novel Thread (Thread) - Page 4

@asukachii and which one? be more specific please

i love all the opening songs for the "what a beautiful...". i love the art since its unique from others ive seen in the visual novels

i wish other groups would translate them
Hikari no Valusia ~What a Beautiful Hopes~

Shiei no Sona-Nyl ~What a Beautiful Memories~

@animeftw hikari no valucia is the only one of thoe i dont have on my harddrive, btu i like the synopsis.
i like the op of shikkoku no sharnath the most. for soem reason, the theme with the black and red stuff reminds me of hellsing.

I've only read Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime (and its sequel Kagetsu Tohya [and I've played Melty Blood too]). Can you recommend me something similar? I know about Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, but as far as I know its translation isn't complete yet.

@akidzuki you could read hollow ataraxia as far as it is now? as to the rest, similar in what way? i got some fate vibes with princess waltz, but truth to be told, princess waltz is only good during the first half of the game...

@Akidzuki you liked the Nasuverse? Kinda hard to recommend something like it, but try Hanachirasu.

@Asuka-chii for startes, try reading Yume Miru Kusuri, High school romance, with a little tweest~

anyone know any good Visual novels w/english patch?

@animeftw fate/stay night, tsukihime, saya no uta, chäos;head, yume miru kusuri, umineko no naku koro ni, higurashi no naku koro ni (first 4 chapters), sekien no inganock, princess waltz, and apparently JAST usa and TLwiki finished zanmateisei demonbane,
little busters
ef-a fairy tale of the two

and wanko to kurasou
and some others.

@Break whatever I just want to try one ! xD

by the way, I would like to try the visual novel : Day of memories on DS >__<

@break its just that i cant really recommend anythign if i dont knwo what you like..

@break Thank you for the recommendation. Well, I'm searching for something with a serious story full of twists. I don't mind if it's a bit dark... and it can be fantasy or something more realistic... just no mecha please! :D

@Lagann Thank you, this looks interesting. :)

thanks for the suggestions

Today I played Digital: A Love Story, which @Dutchie kindly pointed out to me was technically a visual novel, though it's so unique in its presentation it is actually hard to believe it is one. And it was one of the best indie games I've ever played. Even more it's programmed in Ren'Py, a visual novel-based programming language I myself have used when I released a VN of my own, though it really pushed the limits to whole new levels I had no idea were possible, from a technical perspective.

I absolutely 100% recommend you guys check it out, especially if you are one who is a computer programmer. Also it's free to officially download, so go get it.

@Shigeru Follow it up with this

btw if anyone happens to have axanael working on windows 7 on a notebook, could you tell me how exactly you did it, a its somehow not working for me at all...

what do u mean by "windows 7 on a notebook"?

@animeftw he means a notebook ("mini-laptop") that has Windows 7 installed.


Also this thread seems to kinda have y'know.... died?

yes,y oru right. REVIVE! also, axanael dammnit xD


In other news I finally got to have the Cd drive to work so now i can finally get to play Da Capo (playing this all night today!!!)

P.S there has got to be other's that play visual novels
P.S.S there should be english translated VN'S for PSP

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