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Colorless Manga Auditions ( FINAL DAY) Submit now! (Thread)

*New Stuff on the final page of posts!

Hello Manga Artists of Colorless!,
I know a whole lot of you have been supporting the idea of “The Colorless Manga Corner”. So as a lot of you know I wanted to hold Auditions to find the one who will create THE First Colorless Manga!

Below are 6 different synopsis’ given to me by a few random members of the Colorless community. Each of these are for you artists to choose from. Each one is short and unique in its own way. What me and a friend I’m working with are looking for is how FAST you can create manga and the QUALITY of how its drawn. These synopsis’ are ONLY EXAMPLES and undetermined yet if they will be used as the main story. These Synopsis examples are here to see how well you can draw for a story that’s not your own. Since you MIGHT be working with another person to create the manga. If you want to create a story by yourself then you will have to wait after auditions. If you win then we’ll talk story. To determine your manga art skills I will let you choose as many of these synopsis as you like. But you may only re-create your vision for any of the six synopsis’ you choose ONLY. This will test how good you can adapt to any changes and follow the one who makes the story. The interpretation of the characters are completely up to you.
*YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRAW THE FULL STORY! (that would take too long) For this Audition you will have to draw out a short episode in manga format BASED on the given story or stories that you choose! ( For example, for synopsis #1you can draw out an episode introducing the main character, or a page where she first comes to Colorless town, or a page showing a fight with the villain!)

Here are the rules:

  1. You must submit at least a cover page including a short cast of main characters and a one page manga scenario for every Synopsis you decide to re-create.

  2. Everyone who is participating must post a confirmation that you will Audition on this thread.

  3. No doing one synopsis twice! (that’s cheating!)

  4. When you finish, you may turn in your submissions one at a time or all at once by sending me a PM. (remember SPEED and QUALITY).

  5. You may post some of your artwork for the audition on the thread but to keep the suspense, please send your final drafts to me.

  6. This Audition will end when enough people have submitted their works to me. But remember it would be advantageous to get your stuff in faster than anyone else!

List of Synopsis:

Synopsis #1 Genre: Scifi/ Slice of Life

A lonely, tomboyish girl in high school feels like an outcast at school because she’s an anime otaku that hangs at her computer all day. One day while doing some homework, she spies a paper that has the Colorless site URL written on it. Curious, she types in the mysterious URL and presses enter. She is immediately sucked into a virtual reality where avatars that look like people converse like in the real world. She bumps into a hyperactive best friend that introduces her to the town of Colorless. Gargron is the Mayor and each part of town is named after a discussion corner (for example: Anime, Life Projects, Games, etc.) An hour in the Colorless world is a second in the real one. Your mind goes into colorless while your body sits like a lump. Eventually a villain shows up that wants to ruin colorless from the inside out by ruining chats and spamming on threads and finally destroying the Colorless mainframe, wiping out all the memories of everyone who has ever logged in to Colorless. (sorry for being so long. Blame the guy who made this one

Synopsis #2 Genre: Adventure/shounen

A young 18-year-old lives in the Kingdom of Colorless where Gargron is the King with admins and mods being upper-class knights. The King orders the her to go search for the unspeakable evil that is killing the land and destroy it. Expert in swordplay and best in her class she must vanquish the evil. Along the way, she meets a ragtag group of rejects like a clumsy witch, a weak knight and a hateful beast. This evil goes and sends minions of every shape and size in attempts to destroy our heroes. Will the Dark King prevail?  

Synopsis #3 Genre: Romance/ Shoujo  

A boy in high school, who has no luck with girls almost gives up on life. Until he chats with a mysterious girl in a colorless chat room. This Mysterious girl actually makes the boy laugh and smile as he has never smiled before. He then asks the girl out on a date. Out of his mind not knowing what to do he frantically asks his friends at colorless for advice for what to do on a date. Will the boy impress the girl of his dreams or get dumped on the first date!?.  

Synopsis #4 Genre: Slice of Life/ Comedy  

A simple 4-strip gag manga where the main character is just there to tell hilarious jokes. Featuring guests from the Colorless community such as Gargron and other mods and admins. This would be a manga that updates weekly.  

Synopsis #5 Genre: Mystery/ Horror  

People of hotel Colorless are being murdered by an unknown assailant. Everyone is getting scared because the storm is too treacherous outside, the hotel manager Gargron locked all the doors so the killer wouldn’t escape. Everyone is trying to solve the case to find the killer. But who is the killer indeed?  

Synopsis #6 Genre: Scifi  

he story is about a 17-year old boy named Fenix Gordon who moves to New York City in search of his childhood friend who left without notice 5 years ago. Due to this experience he becomes detached from reality and creates his own persona (aka. Dream World) where he can feel at peace. However, once he discovers the group called "The Colorless" he grows a liking to being involved with the world (as he uses the group to help him succeed). What he doesn't know unfortunately is that due to the creation of his own world, it starts to infect his conscience and causes his soul to slowly fade away from living as a result. From abnormally long dreams to hallucinations to randomly passing out, he struggles in order to meet the girl that he has forever longed for in hopes that he may have a stronger will to live and to create a purpose to sustain himself in reality.

Lastly, To keep this thread alive, I would like everyone participating to post on this thread preferably everyday or every time you log onto colorless. Bookmark this thread now unless you want to forget and let this thread die
I’ve heard hearting this thread will also keep it alive for a good while!
(Ignore all the random misplaced capital letters) when I copy pasted from microsoft somehow that happened :)
So Let the Games Begin!

DEADLINE: To be Announced! Still discussing the deadline with advisors!
(It’d be cool if I had advisors though J) I will announce it mysellater. At most the deadline would be from 2 weeks to one month from
so don’t wait too long to turn it in. Don’tforget to post a comment
everyday to keep the thread alive!

If you have any questions PM me!

*New Stuff!

I Hereby Anounce That the Deadline for your Submissions Will be at the End of MAY! (May 31,2011)

So work as hard as you can and PM me your submissions. or whatever you have made with the time you have been given! Also remember, being the artist is a great responsibility! If you are the chosen artist then we will discuss schedules so that you can create pages in a consistant manner!

Good Luck! and do Your Best

Devoted Manga Manager Colorless

I like this idea of running a manga made by colourless for colourless, they do it over on Rooster Teeth with a grpahic comic based on employees and it's really popular so this ideas good.

I'll admit when I heard Colourless manga I thought it would be a manga ripping on members of this forum and chat like DSP lol.

I hope people participate, I do know a good artist, however he lacks motivation and if overtasked his brain will crash, but for all to view here's an example of one of his pictures.

I'd get my friends to do this (most of them can draw damn well) but I doubt they'd want to (they kind of have lives). If my tablet was still working maybe I'd do it but since it's not, I can't

hmm.. gotta try this.

Don't forget to PM others. I'm scouring colorless PMing people whose artwork I think would be great for the manga :)

until when can I send?
(I am busy... and I think that I can draw only in this weekend)

@carolsama: Deadline is nowhere near this weekend...and you can submit your stuff anytime!

So what about collaborations? I'm all up for the coloring but not so much for the drawing part.

@One: If you guys have to work in collaborations then sure! as long as you guys can work together fast and with good quality.

Sure! I'll take part! :D my schedule's pretty tight this week BUT I'LL DO MY BEST FOR COLORLESS! XDDDDD

I would take part but I am not that good at drawing...and this is how I fail again ... m(_ _)m

I might try to take part in this!
starts plotting

I suck at drawing but I can do a "name". Is that valid?

@Randoman: A "name" ? Do you mean a title? You can help somebody by giving them a title for their cover page!

If it's just a name for the main character then that doesn't really help out much.....

Holy CRAP! The readers for this thread doubled within two days!........
Yet only a few are participating :(
I guess I'll find the artist sooner than I thought!

@colorless when I say "name" I'm refering to the manga storyboard. It's kind of a sketch of the story but with not so good drawings, just to give an idea of how it's gonna be. They call it "name".

@Randoman: My bad. I'm not used to the lingo yet :) lol But Sorry You're gonna have to follow the rules and turn in the stuff required.. You can still give you names to me through PM though! I'd be happy to read them.

@colorless Cool :) and sorry for the bother, I just read the part "If you want to create a story by yourself then you will have to wait after auditions." and realized that the answer to my question was already in the first post. lol

I don't mind drawing and storyboarding, but I need a scriptor to work with me since I'm really bad with dialogues

Good luck with that.

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