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Colorless Manga Auditions ( FINAL DAY) Submit now! (Thread) - Page 5

Anyone still willing to participate PM me NOW! Also bump this thread for support! Cause it's a few more weeks left until the COLORLESS MANGA AUDITIONS END!!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! PM your submits to me when you finish!
Read the rules! and A bump a day keeps the thread deleters away :)

A few more days to go! A bump a day makes the blablaablablab go away!

It's the end of MAY!!!! TURN IN YOUR STUFF NOW FOR THE AUDITIONS or else you're disqualified! :) Good Luck Everybody!

PM me your submissions and try to get the best quality out of it please! :)

are the auditions still going on?
if so... are u looking for someone to write (or at least edit) the dialogue?

here is a picture I drew from the last page of Black Butler vol 3
(not traced just drew) and yes it's backwards

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