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How do you feel today? Anime Style! (Thread) - Page 11

sleepy again. it might help if i didn't update this thing after 12am

I feel like getting spanked ;] because who doesn't like it rough?

why does it have to hurt so bad...
Today I feel Happy

Today I feel.......

Yes....very yes desu! (language brokeness intended :)

Konata Sleepy Pictures, Images and Photos

I keep wanting naps....

Pretty much like a a thoughtful zombie

Just Chilling. Ready to kill.


I feel like people could judge me of my actions ...

pretty damn bored

I don't know what to post for todasy in a rush!!!
... pretty much sums up my day.

Hell yes

Fucking Baddass and Cute at THE SAME TIME

Me losing my monthly transit pass on the first day of the month

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