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Cleaning the Forum (Thread)

Okay, with the new Categories in use, I'd like to start a cleaning-campaign.

I know, it is massive work and most won't think its something we need to do, but at least hear me out.

We got a HELL LOT of useless threads on here, for example past site-related issues like chat-downtimes or multiple threads on the same topics.

Let's look out for them and try to merge them with similar threads or delete what has no purpose at all anymore (like 'chat's down for me, what to do').

This is a long process, but I think it will be worth it if we only keep our eyes open.
It's gonna be hard, as the forum is a living thing and changing all the time, but we should try sorting out the trash, don't you agree?

Also, with the new boards, we should try to reduce the number of 'Random' threads and focus more on sorting new threads into the correct categories.

It is not high-priority work, but something we might tackle on calm days, when being bored or need a distraction from irl stress.

Let us bring some structure back to CL!

To those users who might look over the modboard:

If you find duplicate threads or anything, please feel free to report them!

I'm going to wait until after we get the new boards proposal set up, or shot down, before I start. No point in doing it twice within the span of a week or two.

Yup, obviously that (great thread btw!).

However, looking out for trash and stuff can still be done \o.o/

Perhaps I'll go to the last page and look through every thread again. But To be honest I have school to catch up with so I don't think I'll do it anytime soon... But I don't mind doing it when I have the time.

irl > cl. stick to that.

the bad thing imo is, that we can't simply use the pagination anymore, but that we'll need to scroll endlessly *sighs*

Oh right. Foreverascroll.jpg

I'll be keeping an eye on the front page for misplaced threads. I'll also be doing my usual Random Board inspection to move threads on appropriate boards. It's the least I can do, in the meantime we get complete feedback on the new organization ideas. ;)

We... got pagination back?! Oh lord, what a nice surprise!

I think it's better to just merge the two threads together.

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