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anime character that you want to meet in person? (Thread)

it sounds weird..

anime character that you wished to meet in reality??

mio akiyama

tomoyo daidouji

tomoyo sakagami

kagome higurashi


sakura kinomoto

haibara ai

misaki and usui

s.a class

ichihara yuuko

utau hoshino

amu hinamori

hokago tea time

nadeshiko nagehiko

hino kahoko with male leads

these guys ANgel beats!

edogawa conan and ran

many more!

Akito and Agito -^__^-

L of ``death note┬┤┬┤ ^_^


Enma Ai-sama

I guess I would faint if I spotted those two somewhere. Too much awesomeness... simply too much.

Oh and the Guys from Angel Beats as well, would love to try the mapo toufu stuff and shake T.K.s hand or something or hold a jamsession with Iwasawa and the rest of GirlsDeMo. *swoon * ~///////~

And Rider from Fate Stay Night, gods I really love her...
and Roberta from Black Lagoon.
Oh and Konata! Lucky Star's absolute Otaku!

Izaya(DRRR), Kamina(gurren lagann), aaaand... Edward Elric(FMA).

They're freakin adorable.

Almost everyone =__________=

I want to see Shizuo carrying a vending machine (^u^)b


misaka mikoto
and celty XD

Sebastian Michaelis
Grell Sutcliffe
Usui Takumi


Killua from Hunter x Hunter (it's so oolllddd)

Usui Takumi
Cossette d'Auvergne
Erza Scarlet
Toshiro Hitsugaya
^_^...ahh Usui

@KibaKiba HELL YES.

I'd also like to meet these two:

Hehe ^-^

These guys!!


Kida, and join the Yellow Scarves :D

This is not from an anime but I DON'T CARE ASDFGHJKL
Forte-girl7 on deviantART has the most ADORABLE humanized Wheatley (from Portal) that I have ever seen.
That is epic, clearly.

luka and yuki..from uraboku

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