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anime character that you want to meet in person? (Thread) - Page 5

Mephisto Phele's from Ao no Exorcist.

No, really. He seems like a fun guy, despite being evil.

Matsumoto Rangiku from BLEACH
Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist
Lavi from D.Gray-man


I decided xD

Allen Walker- D.Gray-man
Am... Who else... =w=

SORRY~! From games:
Ezreal- LoL
GlaDOS- Portal
Lux- LoL
Sona- LoL

I'm such a fag ._.

don't worry, your like my sister now :3
besides I'm not too much active member these days so its nice to see other people joining and having fun <3

also, now were going to have sleepovers and talk about boys..and girls :3, and you'll be the nice and cute one and I'll be the one that gets into troubles, is stubborn and gets pissed off at something all the time XD

My favourite.

I'd like to meet lulu




One Piece
-Luffy-Ace-Robin-Boa Hancock-Law-Sanji-Zoro-

Xxx Holic

hmmm...I would love to meet Sunako Nakahara (wallflower),Nico Robin(One Piece),Revy,Balalaika(Black Lagoon),Izaya,Shizuo (DRRR),Luck,Maiza,Firo,Isaac,Miria,Jacuzzi(Baccano!!) ^^

Piccolo and Lord Guru so I could train and have my potential unlocked.

Luffy D. Monkey and Soul Eater from...Well... Soul Eater o.o

Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, definitely. To me, he's one of them figures that you would just look at in awe.

I'd also love to meet Shizuo & Izaya, too...
if for the sake of getting vending machine thrown at me <3


Yoite and Miharu from the anime Nabari no ou.

idk if anyone has said this but...


im no fangirl, im actualy a guy, but he's awesome and if he was real i would be gay for him <3 strait IRL... but man if he excised...

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