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Persona 4 - The Animation (Thread)

And so this website has been circulating lately on the internet and it appears to be a countdown to a certain upcoming release:

Mayonaka means Midnight in Japanese and if we take the television(as well as the yellow/black colors) into account, this looks like it's closely linked to Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.

This is just a random guess, but I think that the square represents the number of days, and the other digits are hours and minutes(and right under are the seconds).

So what does Colorless think of this? Do you have any particular guesses to share?


A countdown website of Atlus's RPG game "Persona 4" was launched on April 10th. The website for mobile phone indicates there will be an animation produced by Aniplex.

Of course, the other possible option is the presence of a Television indicating that it may just be an animated television show countdown(an anime!).

The First Countdown has Ended! (04/11/2011)

Persona 4 seems to be getting its own animation!(And not a spin-off, like Persona 3 had with Persona ~Trinity Soul~). This might please a few who were disappointed of the recent anime, since this one is taking a different direction. :)
(Many thanks to @Lagann for this screenshot.)

As for the countdown, nothing particular happened at the end. The television shut down and you were free to choose a channel. Once you chose one, an animation, similar to the one of when you enter the TV World, starts and you are redirected to :D

If you waited a little while without touching the television, the trailer above would start, introducing two of the lead protagonists, along with amazing music composed by Shoji Meguro.

The 2nd Countdown has Ended! (04/13/2011)

Nothing new happened this time. It still seems to be the same trailer, along with the same information on the website. However, by looking upon the official Twitter account, I happened to read It looks like it's going to rain tonight, so I am guessing that they will maybe set a new countdown, on every scheduled rainy night. And who knows, we might get a clearer picture eventually, just like it works in the game.

The 3rd Countdown has Ended! (04/15/2011)

This time, we actually got to see something new! In fact, a blurry representation of Yukiko Amagi appeared after the countdown. As things are proceeding, I'm suspecting for the rainy nights to proceed in the same order, as they were presented in the game.

Furthermore, I was able to hypercam the Yukiko Sequence and upload it on Youtube. So here it is, for those who have missed it. ;)

In addition, a recent post on the Official Twitter goes as follows:

So everyone, when you'll be resting tonight, please be aware that you may be invited into a room in your dreams.

I am pretty sure that this is hinting to a visit in the Velvet Room. Question is, will we need to wait for the next countdown, in order to know more about this?

The 4th Countdown has Ended! (04/16/2011)

Hurray for a new trailer! I'm so glad that we got to see more details this time. Not to mention that we also had the opportunity of hearing another one of Shoji Meguro's tracks! :D

The 5th Countdown has Ended! (04/17/2011)

Just like the second countdown's result, nothing new occurred this time. In a way, I think it's great that Aniplex isn't throwing us too much information, at the same time. I can say that I somehow love the anticipation, since I feel that it is quite worth the wait.

The 6th Countdown has Ended! (04/18/2011)

Like yesterday's countdown, nothing new occurred this time either. Hopefully, we'll be getting more news in the upcoming ones!

On a side note, the anime was announced to be airing in the upcoming fall! (Many thanks to @animeftw for supplying this information.)

The 7th Countdown has Ended! (04/19/2011)


Indeed. Still nothing new. I actually looked over the last special dates, and it seems that they were all significant rainy days in the game. And so, if we follow that pattern, the next big day should be the 27th of April, since it's the next rainy day, in the Persona 4 calendar.

Yukiko Castle Preview! (04/29/2011)

When I first watched it on Mayonaka, I noticed that there was no Youtube upload for it yet. And so, I decided to hypercam it, yet again! For all those who have missed the direct streaming, I hope that you will enjoy my upload and that it will be sufficient to compensate. ~

Today's preview release date is April 29th, which is also a rainy day in the original game. Furthermore, this date is what draws the deadline between saving Yukiko and being game over. In spite of this, maybe the preview was purposely released to fit this date. q:

As a result, this recent Official Twitter post also coincides with the game's events:

The anime's official mobile site is now free of charge. This was an idea to celebrate the rescue of a child!

Kanji Preview! (05/14/2011)

Woohoo! We finally got to see a blurry representation of Kanji, this time! It's a shame that there was no Shadow-Chie shown, up until now, but I'm still enjoying what Aniplex is offering us.

A Second Full Preview! (05/17/2011)

In addition to Kanji's latest blurry Midnight Channel appearance, here's a new preview that features more of our favorite main characters!

Some are even rumoring that it might be an Anime, but.. the countdown is running out rather soon anyway, so we shall see :3

Its obviously a countdown for when i take over the world.

Persona 4 Portable needs to happen. Think of how badass a female counterpart of Souji Seta would be. No, really, think about it.

Besides that, Persona 4's... well, the PS2 is 'out-dated' anyway. And P4's mostly rare to see in gaming stores, same with Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES.

Ngh, I mostly want social links with Yousuke, Kaji, and maybe Adachi if he wasn't such a bitch.

Maybe it's ... a PS3 Persona HD collection, that would be freakin nice, god's I'd love that, or even P4 with the catherine engine for a testrun... even it it's just an anime I'd love it.

So Thank you for the link, now I wanna be awake when the counter reaches 0:00 right in time for the "Dark Hour" xD

Oh god..It's in a TV
P4 Fonts....Oh god


A countdown website of Atlus's RPG game "Persona 4" was launched on April 10th. The website for mobile phone indicates there will be an animation produced by Aniplex.

Of course, the other possible option is the presence of a Television indicating that it may just be an animated television show countdown(an anime!).

What @Lagann posted is most probably the website for mobile phones, announcing the real upcoming product. (It looks like those rumors you heard were right, @DarkChaplain! :D)

Also, I'm not sure about you all, but I absolutely loved the anime attached to Persona 3: Persona ~Trinity Soul~, which was made in 2008! Without a doubt, I can expect great things from this upcoming one as well!



I'm so going to drink on this! *puts lemon-tea bottle on the table * kampai!

I'll buy every freakin thing of merchandise coming up, DVD, blu-ray, name it! hopefully there will be a line of Figma or Nendos released as well. Dun care how much it costs, I'll sell everything else in my posession!

WHEEE! group-hug once again! who want's to?? :3

I DO, I DO!! :D

* Group-hugs everyone on this thread *

I was hyped enough to buy the Persona ~Trinity Soul~ DVDs, so I'll probably aim for the Blu-Rays this time!

awww, @n1xx and @Alkaid are enjoying these news again? :3
How cute XD

Damn, if its gonna be an anime, that would make the season its airing awesome already

awesome!!!! P4 was awesome weather it be an anime or P4P its FTW

I thought the black square was number of days. Since I think the countdown is going to end on the 11th, which is when Persona 4 started (4/11/11 ouob)

dosnt know what to say much, nut i hope its gonna be awesome. though an anime that strictly follows the game would be not really possible...
gven ther popularity, maybe an anime about aigis or naoto (if its p4, a spinoff abotu naoto seems likely, as she IS a detective after all and could act as a veteran persona-user to soem new people in a later case of hers? in that case, aigis could also make a cameo if naoto kinda gets in touch with the mitsuzuru-group if mitsuzuru herself makes it a persona-research-thingy, to prevent later disasters related to that...)
ahhh, i think the scenario i just came up with is awesome, too bad its extremely unlikely that im right xD
but well, the orignal mainchar certainly doesnt have enough personality to be the mc in an anime.

Why would an anime that follows a game storyline be impossible, @break?
it actually makes much more sense than doing something new or a spinoff.
it gets people interested in the materia and doesn't suffer from bad scripts, delivers depth and all that.
And its not like P4 is the only game in the series. P2 for PSP is coming up, P5 as well, Catherine got released and the US release is coming in about 3 months.

So why do something new if there already is a solid plot people love?

btw, @break, please try to structure your posts a bit better, and read through your posts before posting them to correct some typos.
It's kinda exhausting to try to understand what you're trying to say =/

I prefer an anime:3.I never played any persona game,so I can´t say anything about they:{
There is only one question, an anime about the game or with another argument?^_^º

I wrotte they, sorry! I wanted writte them

@darkchaplain i woud say an anime that follows THIS PARTIVULAR game storyline would be bad, first of all because THE MAINCHARA DOES NOT HAVE ANY DEPTH. so the yould have to change a lot to make it fit to be an anime, sicne the mainchar also doesnt have any lines. a visual novel might be easy to follow, or relatively easy, but an rpg like this neds some seriosu adjustments, since there are a lot of features that are pnly good for gaming. ike the many personas and whatnot.

the social links would make it impossible to tay really true to the game with an anime, you have to choose as to which people make the maincharas friends after all, you cant just follow the social links plus there is no real order to them.

plus, if you folowed the social links in the anime, you had like 70% slice of liife and 30% actual story showing up, and a mainchar with a shitload of girlfriends that dont really care that hes cheating on them.

the levels i which you fight had to be iproved with new details and traps and actions snce it would be boring watchig the group running threw a castle that looks the same no matter how far they get without really soemthing happening.

and thats why its impossible to make an anime faithfully afer persona 4.

Thats the reason why we got directors and storyboard writers even for shows that already got manga or vn versions, eh?
The staff working on the show uses the story and adjusts it to anime format, its nothing new at all.

We don't need all the social links in every possible way, we just need a story that makes sense and is closed in itself.

Of course a great part would be slice-of-life-ish, but that is something that can also be presented in a great way.
Its all a matter of the staff involved.

I don't think it will be even remotely necessary to involve all the kinds of traps or whatever, and it wouldn't be necessary to watch the characters re-equip.

There is a lot of stuff that could be scratched with ease.

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