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Persona 4 - The Animation (Thread) - Page 17

@break Yeah, it's the PAL version. Only about 10 hours in atm, so it might be a while before I'm finished with it again XD

@Hutch Hutchenson: Do you mean Beezlebub?I fought him in Nocturne and he was a pain in the rectum. Was the character you wanted Heat?to get him you have to answer some questions right in the first game.
Never finished Nocturne, my game crashes while fighting Disco Ball.

PS I'm pretty sure I posted a reply this morning... hmm....

Xzopq its okaz, a slogn as it does happen at all im glad~

Episode 7 was freaking hilarious.

@Xyopq TOTALLY AGREEE!!!!!!!!

A lot of people I know raged because the whole kanji's sexual orientation thing wasn't hardly touched on. Tbh, I'm glad it wasn't. I'm tired of the world trying to force me to accept gays. I know kanji's orientation was basically open to the opinion of the player but screw that noise.

So far P4A does some things better than the game did, but it's still far from perfect. Right now, it's honestly more of a comedy show.

Episode 9 was really nice though, the nicest since Episode 4. I'm looking forward to 10.

I normally ship Souji x Yukiko, but the Yuu x Rise is very strong.

@Yoshiya oh really? i really dislike yukiko (to the point of never having used her in my battle team except for shortly after getting her, and later it became just too much of a hassle to trsy get her up to anyone else's level..)
so for me, souji x rise is more of a way to go, yep yep. well, nanako can have her fair share of soujo/narukami too, of course^^
chie gets yosuke, and naoto and kanji fits too. yukiko can go for that one creep with the gamingdungeon/embryoshadow for all i care honestly (incidentally, for everyoen thinkign like me itnerestignly, someone has made a really well-done doujinshi featuring exactly the pairigns i ship in P4. cant link to it now but im pretty sure the authord name is takara shinnosuke/the circle#s name is hitokata DE alice, the doujin's name is persona&Summoner. nanako is on the cover.)
EDIT: found it

Dat Chie

@HutchHutchenson well i really liek taht artist. he not only does very cute drawings like this
, hell also do anon-worthy stuff like this

Neither work. Sad face. I need chie!

@HutchHutchenson uhhm okay.. ell he did draw chie in the doujin i mentioned, though i thiink that one's sold out completely.

Doujin? You can't taint my pure Chie!

@HutchHutchenson considering shes the one havign the most doujins otu there for persona 4 (or at least on par with naoto) (well not counting the kanji-yaoi doujins), we sure as hell can~ justz look at the previewpics~


@HutchHutchenson heeh the typical denial~
that can be cured with enough evidence!Meat/

Ok, wth on that last one

@HutchHutchenson taht wa s asurprise for you XD and yes, WTF indeed.

So you're into that, huh. Called it.

Does anyone notice that Yu gets more and more perverted as the anime progresses?It's like Yosuke's pervertedness is like rubbing off on him... XXDDD

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