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One Piece, it's better than you. (Thread)

Newest OP, that I just felt I had to share because of how amazing it is.
; A; /suchacrybabyandeasilymoved

Also, Luffy has replaced Harry Potter in my heart. Sorry potter boy, really can't match up to Luffy anymore. ಠ_ಠ

Amuro Namie I LOVE YOU.

Posting superior OP

^LOL. No.

I like how this thread rolls.


whoa, the op is a minute longer than normally. also, with all the "how-we-got-the-crewmembers" flashbacks it kidna looks like either a "the crew is now complete" openign or oe of those "last season so lets make iot look nostalgic" openings..

One Piece - Running non stop for 14 years

damn :P talk about milking a joke :P

This opening is just... just... AWESOME!!! I think it's the best so far. And the song is great too. ~Wasurenaideee! We fight together!~

Waaaa~! Ace!! T___T

FINALLY A NEW OP, I was getting sick of the last one XD this one actually feels more in line with one piece :'D

ohh man getting close to the two year gaaaaaaaaaaaaaap I can't wait to see the new designs animated :'D

@DSP YES! after the gap is gonna be awesome!

just.. beautiful ;__;

oh, Ace~ D:

@Tiamoko You should suffer for your crime....

what does yi yo yi yo even mean just meaningless blather. whatever i also cant wait for the gap although Franky looks much cooler before the gap. i think they may have become too strong though...

Running non-stop for 14 years, proves that it's not a joke. :b

Should I begin watching the anime?
Only been reading the manga...

I'm only reading mangas, so I'm considering watching the anime too. It's probably worth it :3

I'm always up for the anime. I like to see them move.
And the anime is absolut awesomness!!

i think the battles look so much cooler in anime but i too have been reading the manga. how far are they now? i need to see the spoiler about whitebeard part (i hope most people know what i meant)

This opening was very touching...havent been keep up with one piece lately. thanks for the post :D


and B'AAAWWWW BEST. OP. EVER. Not just the song, or video, but BOTH.

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