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[CL IS] Board layouts, /i/, and more [META AS FUCK] (Thread)

I'd just like to push forth a bit of information and a few opinions on a couple aspects of the site. Not all opinions are mine, and I'll try to cite each person properly.


It's quite obvious that the current board setup is a mess. Don't get me wrong ,it's a damn good start, but still unfinished. @n1xx recognized this, and wrote up what she believed to be a great new layout, before passing it on to the other moderators, and anyone that happened to be in chat. We then did a little collab on ietherpad, edited things, and created what we believed to be a more refined set of boards.

With the increased amount, it will be needed to have nested boards, whether it be a parent board that shows all threads of the child boards, or just a ton of boards, with different groupings, based on parents. There is also the need for per-board stickies, to keep some of the clutter out, to curb of repeat threads, and to get new/knowledgeable users up to speed.

Boards and Child-Boards Suggestions

This list is in the form of:

  • Parent
    • Child
      • Stickied Thread
  • Projects:

    • Choruses
    • Fandubs
    • Manga
    • Animations
    • Other
  • Arts:

    • Music
    • Film
    • Writing
    • Cooking
  • Lounge: (The new Random)

    • General Discussion
    • Advice
    • Philosophy
    • Science
    • Technology
    • World News
  • Staff: (needs a new term, that doesn't give the feeling of "only staffers need to go here)

    • Site announcements
    • Modboard
    • Issues & Feedback
      • Suggestions
  • Gaming:

    • Video Games (Use tags to differentiate between console, PC, or both)
    • Tabletop Games
    • Card Games
  • Groups:

    • Local (Such as the PH and Cali groups)
    • Meet-ups
      • Stickies for upcoming conventions
  • Japanese Media Culture: With a different name, please. Just don't make me call the OEG Team on you

    • Anime
      • Recommendations
      • How-to Primer
    • Manga
      • Recommendations
      • How-to Primer
    • Doujin-works
      • Comiket
  • Playground: The new Spam board

    • Humor
    • Forum games
    • Fanclubs

Any feedback on this list is appreciated, before we ask the Dev team to implement it~

/i/, ratings, and other assorted suggestions

As we all know, there are some points of contingency with /i/, and non-worksafe images, that usually devolve into "think of the children!". While we ought to worry about these metaphorical children, I believe that i not the main issue at hand. We should be caring more about keeping our asses out of trouble by not having a system in place that operates as a "You must be 18+ to enter" page does. Without a filter-by-age or Setting page opt-in option for our NSFW content, as well as a warning(shown only once by cookie or db) when you go into /i/, that there may, in fact, be pornographic images. This could get us into deep shit, and needs to be taken care of immediately.

While you may argue that the kids may lie about their age, think of it this way. We are not liable for their actions when they have been warned, and they can go to any other site, lie just as easily, and see the same, if not worse, kind of content. This system serves as a way for us to opt-out or in of seeing the images, and keeping our asses in the clear.

As for ratings, I'd love to see an age-based ratings system, with ratings such as:

  • Anyone
    • Nothing alarming, for any age group. Pure.
  • Pre-teen
    • Comedic violence, abrasive language that is without swears, such as "dummy, idiot, useless"
  • Teen
    • Swearing, non-nude ero themes, non-bloody violence with nosebleeds and the like non-withstanding
  • Adult
    • Liberal swearing, nudity, bloody violence
  • Freak
    • Guro, scat, and generally freaky images

With this system, images are tagged by their highest rating. That is to say that an image that shows the K-on! girls walking happily, but with one of them having their face bashed into a bloody pulp would be rated as adult, as it features bloody violence, despite the fact that the rest of the image would be rated as "Anyone".

Now, a couple more suggestions for /i/:
* Untagged images automatically get the tagme tag
* Censoring on NSFW images getting a 1-2 second delay, possibly by fade-in effect, to keep from viewing censored images unless you really mean to.
* A Top Tags box on the landing page, possibly in the sidebar, or directly above/below the filtering box
* Commenting on images. I do not personally care for this, but have seen it req'd a couple times.

General Assorted Suggestions

Some of these have been stolen from the Suggestions thread, others from chat, and some are just my own ideas. I'll tag the original poster, if I steal your suggestion.

  • Preview option in PMs @Kirn
  • User's avatar puts @username in the post box, when clicked, like it does in chat. @Kirn
  • An auto-complete when tagging someone, with a list populated with your friends, the mods, and people that have posted in the thread in which you are replying.
  • An area to announce birthdays in the sidebar, to help curb the "Happy Birthday" threads. @Kuroba_Loki
  • Ability for mods to edit users' posts, whether it only be the first post, or any post within a thread, to help with styling errors and issues, and to update outdated threads. @neko-chan and @DarkChaplain
  • Ban and kick reasons, able to be viewed on the Mod Panel.
  • NSFW board, following the same age-filtering as NSFW images
  • Thread sorting by most views, date created, most posts, etc @ybz17
  • Sounds in chat, toggle-able for all posts, just mentions, or silent.


In short, this is an updated list of suggestions, and possible fixes for current problems. I really hope our Admins can find the time to implement these features/fixes.

Also, I do not wish for this to become a shit-slinging party. If you do not agree with something, please express it politely, with proper spelling and punctuation, if possible.

I really agree with this. One one thing happened... Like threads name was picture sharing (or something ==) and it contained NSFW pictures... == I was afraid to go to this site =__=

This was then when I just came tho this (SUPER AWESOME!) community


Well, as I see it, it will provide a better structure for our growth, instead of the, ahem, clusterfuck that we have going right now. But, I do see your point, and that we ought not spread ourselves too thin. Even so, I think this is a nice number of boards


We could possibly change the Freak rating to "Offensive", and upload anything that is overly-offensive to that. Obviously, it'd take a bit of mediation at times, for what is considered "offensive" or not, but I am sure that we can handle that.


I couldn't remember if it was you, I, or DC that proposed that, so I left it blank. I'd also love to see pre-set banning times, and, to go with it, better defined guidelines for warnings and bans, and proper procedure for things.


Though I trust that you did not mean it in such a way, I really cannot shake the feeling of sarcasm from that, but I'm attributing it to my own criticism of the closing. I felt it was too short, and lacked "oomph", but meh.

Thanks for your suggestions and clarifications, @Kirn!


Definitely necessary. It might look a bit oversized in the beginning, but in fact we cover ALL those categories already in one way or another.

As it is, you can search for ages to find suitable threads for yourself, even worse with the current (missing) pagination of the forum.

The Tags for threads are a nice touch, but sadly came far too late to give people enough structure to browse their favorite topics.

Also, the Spam-Board could be removed from where it is now and get into the "Playground". More accessible and user-friendly than hiding it in the user settings. Would clear up the Top-Navigation A LOT!


As I already suggested over here
Ratings are a good thing indeed, but this could be an alternative.
It would also be a lot easier to implement and could get expanded by combining it with ratings,
like having a dropdown-menu picking your personal 'maximum' rating-level.


Totally in for the Mods-editing-posts part.
I don't want to need to kill a whole post or ask&wait for @Gargron or @glassx to correct threadtitles or remove images from posts that otherwise are well enough.
Clearly, giving mods that power might have been risky in past times, but I think now that the team will have a lot of stuff to do,
especially if considering the board-restructuring, it is time to trust them.

Another thing I'd like to be able to do in the near future is MOVE LOCKED THREADS. I noticed it some days ago when Gargron asked about Android in Random, that I couldn't move it to the new 'Advice'-category once he locked it.
Something that doesn't need to be like that, imo.

Fully supporting pre-setted bantimes, and I think the Admin-panel we recently got really could use that feature.

Wishing for the possibility to clear flags.
Right now, flags only get removed when the flagged thread gets killed.
If we can edit the thread to get back to a healthy level, the flag should be removable by the mods.

Another thing I just noticed:

A user asked me about some thread-deletion just now via PM.
Due to the mod-activity-log getting restricted to your own actions as requested by @Keri,
I cannot even look up which mod the user needs to contact to talk about that issue.

So yes, there it is again, I think we should get the 'open' mod-activity log back.

I can't say I really support the idea of Colorless becoming so complex, board wise and stuff. I already thought the expanded boards were much, but this idea is a little too over the top for me. I'd rather go back to the much more "generic" boards than move up towards legalistic sorting.

The rest of the ideas sound fine, though, I guess.

Edit: I am still against the mod-log idea, and it was removed for a viable reason.

we got almost 500.000 posts on here. it already is complex as hell!

agreed, and I disagree with Keri's issue of not having the mods reading through the other mods' actions.
A log for mod activity doesn't need to be public, but should be accessible by the staff. If 10 mods + 2 admins and someday maybe some reliable regulars that care watch over the actions of our mods, that should be enough to have a structured system.

So yes, we mods should get the option to append a short description on what got edited and why, if not public, then in the mod-log.
Same goes for banning/kicking and the like

I think this is a good idea, I was kinda of put off by the massive amount of new thread topics, and i believe that it needs to be organized better now that there are many more specific threads.
@DarkChaplain I agree with your comments to Kirn

I think that the parent and child thread idea is pretty good, although I am still confused on how a Stickied Thread is nestled with a child... Some clarification would be nice.

While this is a more complex system for organization, as long as people (This sounds idealistic) create threads properly using the system it should make all new threads much more visible by the community. Note that I said new threads, how does this new system effect old threads? (If it is still to be implemented) While one of the threads I had posted earlier Computer Hardware Discussion had been changed automatically moved to the 'Programming' board, without me making any modifications to the thread it self, I find it difficult to believe that all the threads had been reorganized as there are 4,4xx of them. Some threads are truly dead, while others just haven't made it to the front board but still carry content worth discussion and value as a thread. Would it be the thread's creator who would have to restate what board/child board they belong in? What does that have to do with inactive members?This may be tying back into whether or not mods can make modifications to Threads (Of which I still fully support).

In conclusion with Boards I would like it if this new system would be implemented, as it would make threads more visible and make new threads more organized. However there needs to be a way to reorganize old threads into this new system.


Sounds good and I agree with @Kirn I guess there will always be conflict about where the line lies with the ratings them self but this could be easily corrected with mods.

Couple things I think should be reinstated:

  • Polls, I heard these were approved? Could maybe fit into with new posts
  • Mod-editing, Again in full support but if implemented would like clarification on how far their powers lie.
  • Search within boards w/ tagging, be able to search within a board and then have the actual search be conducted with tags (A bit confusing I know) In essence, with so many boards we may needs a more defined or advanced search that allows one to search within a board rather than keywords w/ tagging being the only search through out the entire site. A system similar to Duck Duck Go is a good example with their ![insertSite] Keyword search.
  • Chat sounds, should be optional within profile and maybe a mute button within the chat
  • Sorting threads, other than most recent post sounds like a great way to revive old threads.

Over all I really like what I am seeing ^^

@DarkChaplain In case you'd forgotten, @n1xx agreed with me on that matter, so it's not like i'm the only mod who protested.

well, @n1xx agreed that we shouldn't have it if it bothers you and already thought about solutions on chat. As far as it went, she had no real trouble with that herself, but doesn't want others to feel uncomfortable.

BTW, yay for Chat avatars \o

Other people have agreed too, Glass made the decision - you're just gonna hafta get over it.

see, and thats the thing.
what I suggested was taking the topic to the modboard to be actually discussed with the whole staff, instead of having the feature getting limited like that before most people even notice its there.

But whatever, just sucks that you can't even tell users with questions who they need to turn to and that it's gonna collide with 'reasons for mod action' stuff.

If users have questions then they can just post it in the "Staff" board. That's sort of why it's there.

Hmm. I think @DarkChaplain's point is when people with problems ask mods directly, then they have nothing to answer if it's not their own doing and thus can't help much, can't act quickly. And that is inconvenient.

But whatever. If some people are not in favor, then so be it.

If that is possible and not too heavy to implement, I'd clearly agree with such a thing as 'secondary board'-options. Great idea, @Kirn, as usual xD

You keep changing Colorless! It's fine one minute and then you change it the next. At least leave it the way it is for at least month before you go changing it the next day again.

I like the idea of the age based rating system though. It seems like it would work out well and be useful, but the other stuff just seems like a hassle.

anyway, Is it just me or the link to the "active members" page is gone? D:

@wanderlust the one that was a list and ranked by post count?
That page was gone for a while now, if I'm correct.

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