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[CL IS] Board layouts, /i/, and more [META AS FUCK] (Thread) - Page 2

@MrTrain yeah that one, I stumbled into my profile and just suddenly remembered that we used to have a 'link' to that O:

I smell semantics, but I don't smell perceptive rendering. What gives?

+Why do I have to refresh to edit the post?

@whoever The number of posts isn't what makes this complex. In essence we're talking about the exact same operation, 500,000 times. Is the addition operator complex? Not really... Complexity increases as more variables are added into the system. Hence, adding more semantic spit buckets is adding more complexity. Remove all static boards, and suddenly we've a simpler system.

Also, protip: semantics are an overlay, not an actual representation of the data. Essentially, there is no necessity to make such semantics finite on a global scale; user-scale, perhaps.

@Kirn Exactly how I envisioned it


@Gargron, @glassx, any resonance on this topic? It's been 3 weeks now~

Seems like suggestion threads are hardly being paid attention at. How sad.

Yea, i full on agree with the whole censoring thing (not that I mind lolwhut) and the changing of the "staff" category name. That title for the category just doesn't really... make the non staffers go there...

As for the rating thing... I guess it just makes things seem so "complexed" (READ: " complexed ") Adding too many things isn't good, but I would like to see some kind of a warning when it comes to thread with err... adult contents. And I would definitely want to see some rated-Freak threads around here.

EDIT: Okay, yea, Same question as @Ryan
Why must I refresh to edit?

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