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Why do you hate humans? (Thread)

Why Do Hate Humans


Why do you hate humans?


Our hypocratic ways.

I hate stupidity. Not people.

our selfishness!

evry damn war the earth has had screws people over

"homo homini Lupus" (man is a wolf to [his fellow] man)

-Titus Macius Plautus-

:D it was about damn time my latin lessons payed off

"Humans are lousy stewards of the earth."

Give me a reason to love them.

I find it very repulsive when people only think of themselves. Having no remorse when it comes to stepping over other people just to be on top. I do not like it when people put themselves above all else.

There should be an "all of the above" button.

@canon that is pure win.

I don't hate humans in general (there are a lot of people that do/have done great and selfless things for others), but I hate the way that some act or think.
The type of people I hate the most would definitely be the selfish, lying, manipulative type. I just can't understand how selfish some people can be and I really can't even attempt to empathize with them. It makes no sense to me as to why people would make up bullshit to impress others, it really just makes you look like a fucking idiot.

@lc3_Cr3am_Monst3r I also agree with you. Yet I dislike them in many ways. I hate how they think that if they ended something, they think it won't come back. I hate how they cling onto their religion and judge others because they do not have a religion. I hate how they judge others by preference. I also hate how they deal with the world with their pride and stupidity. Humans are strange creatures...

two words:... no, 3 words:

make it 4 words then including
Judgemental know it alls...

okay, that makes it 7 words then???

I hate the way humans can achieve anything, but yet are too lazy to do anything.
I hate the way humans say thing like "I can't do that" even if with some afford they would be able to.
I hate the way humans follow leaders even if they clearly do things only for their personal gain.

I also hate the way how I recognize myself in all these things.

I hate the way people think they're not people. That they "hate humans" and their ways. You can't hate everyone because that's just sad. You can however hate the bad things people do, which I hope most of the people in here mean they do.

^ I second that :x

To ask for a reason why a person hates humanity as a whole is slightly idiotic, since to say that you do hate humanity as a whole insinuates that you hate those around you, including family and friends. Actually, you'd be saying that you actively avoid relationships with people because of your disdain for humanity. While there are probably people who do hate humanity as whole, it wouldn't been wiser to ask why do we hate other people.

Reason why it's wiser to say "WHY DO YOU HATE OTHER PEOPLE" rather than "WHY DO YOU HATE HUMANS?"

This is supposed to be a philosophy thread. Don't make threads with such pretentiously generalizing titles.

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