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Why do you hate humans? (Thread) - Page 4

Why Do Hate Humans


i find it really odd that there's an "i hate humans" thread on a community that supposed to be about helping other people, but if you wanna waste your time hating other people go ahead. I for one love humanity, but i think we have to work to make it better and remove the misunderstandings that plague it now.

Edit: although i will admit there are some people that need to go >_>

just dont like them very much

///Human's are typical and all alike not like Aliens///
///Think about it Humans are even Dumb stereotypical Morons they think and expect many tings from Aliens maybe there Tiny parasitic Cells or even as all humans may expect that they have Human like quality's///
///Plus they murder innocent (or in some cases not harmless) Animals that can't speak
for themselves///
///That's why in the movies human made products such as Automated intelligence and Creature turn on there Moronic Masters///
///But Props to the Humans who have smarten up.///

Because they're humans.

humans are simple minded and do nothing but bitch about their problems and if they have a good idea to make a change they will never carry it out or most dont from the fact of failing lol

Why WOULDN'T we hate humans? We're selfish, greedy, stupid, blind, cold and heartless. That's why there's a lot of Misanthropists now.

I don't hate humans, Just the Stupidness of them.

they think they rule the world and are better then everyone else

" there are only two things that are infinite in this world. The universe. And human stupidity "

Albert einstien

i hate humans because i don't know what they are...hmm...if that makes sense.. ( ´_ゝ`)

if i can chose more than one i will chose ell of them but , the most stupidy from human its , his own selfisness

People are selfish they would give up there own life just because they are sick of feeling a certain way. its so fucking stupid i hate humans i like certain thing about them. but mostly i hate that they think suicide is the answere not all humans but some of them .

I hate them because they make aliens like us feel discriminated.

It's hard to be an alien seal on earth you know.

@Setton i So Agree with you on that one it angers me that people waste their live when you know they were worth SO much more....

i understand you have your opions but Keep them to your self and if you want to hurt then be hurted

I don't hate humans but I think they could be better if they weren't greedy or selfish. Well...humans are imperfect so there's no way that's going to happen. This is how I think.

I hate humans because there are way to much of us


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