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Your Life As An Anime? (Thread)

I would get these funny dreams where I was in anime form living in a Cartoonized world living as an anime girl. It was really cool yet strange (= I was thinking if only we lived like an anime it would be pretty awesome. Everyone cartoonized and stuff. A world where possibly anything can happen. To the perfect anime romance (OMFG i could just name all the anime guys lol >__<) to the land of magic and action pack.

You just existing in an anime world where all ALL of the anime characters exist in one world (including mangas)! SUUGOI!

You could easily get girls if your life was an anime.

improperly using another language would be considered impressive in anime...

You could do anything you want and be as fancy as possible, without being bullied...

you could actually have friends and trust people. and ditching school wouldn't really matter.

Oh I daydream that I live in an anime everyday...unfortunally. >.> I need to get a life.

I would classy as fuck. :D I'd have me a butler and everything~!

Guys would be hot (most of them)
Bishoujo will be everywhere (most of them)

then there'll be yaoi and yuri? :O

Things would be so much easier if I lived in anime D:.
Having gravity defying hair with no effort would be nice, takes so much time :X

id have me all the hot guys on earth bro.

I'd fall into the virtual world and then manipulate the world into the way I wanted it.

That or I'll be a traveling mercenary with an over-generic fantasy world.

Then I'd go for a slice of life/romance/comedy lifestyle.


I'd be like a god and change this world, putting people where they should be :3 By summoning them in their weakest points too.

That actually sounds really fucking cool.

I'd be happy to have blue flame powers >//////<, I think.

life as an anime:
wake up, go to school, study, finish school,go home, study, watch anime of a girl waking up, going to school,studying, finishing school,going home,studying and watching an anime of another girl waking up, going to school....etc

okay not really XDDD

I'd be surrounded by country-personified BISHIES , a bartender and a troll, moar BISHIEs :D, a super depressed old-fashioned teacher, crazy kids from a small village that has a "curse", EVEN MOAR BISHIES XDDD, imaginary creatures, a shorty with metal limbs along with a talking armour anddd a guy with a gigantic masterkey that can close lots of keyholes

and then wake up,only to find that it was a dream ;A;

My hamster would be super cute! Not that she's not cute irl...
(I'm thinking of the most important stuff aren't I?)

Life would be PERFECT (well not exactly)

it would be frickin awesome

a reverse harem dream would come true kya~!!

For all of us,everything would be about ourselves we would be the hero or heroine. We would be the ones saving the day or being saved by super hawt anime dudes.ahhhh the thought of it!!!Huzzah!

It would be awesome to have powers. Plus the hot guy factor. I would be able to make awesome anime facial expressions. The background behind you could change in an instant and glitter and sparkles can come out of your hands! :D

I'd have a younger sister that has a sibling complex, an older brother that's athletic but academically challenged, parents that aren't home half the time, and friends whose parents don't care if they stay out for 10 nights straight. Oh yea, carrying a sword around the city/town without being charged by the police'd be nice as well.

Harems for evrybody

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