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Help for Long Distance Rabu! (Thread)

Sometimes you have a dream,and you are so close to having that dream become a reality. You work hard and try your best, but you manage to still come up short. Sometimes in life, you need a little help from your friends to achieve the dream.

Being in a long distance relationship, I know it's a very very hard situation, and many of you can agree with me. This summer I'm trying my best to visit my boyfriend in Portugal. This will be the very first time we will meet in real life.

The issue is, none of us can afford the ticket in its entirety, even the cheapest one, because they round up to roughly $1000+ for a round trip. My friend told me to try to start a fund and ask people for donations to help us out. So I did, and that's what I'm asking you guys to help me.

Please, if you can or if you want to, please donate any amount you wish to this fund. Even if I don't reach $1000, if I at least get half of the goal, I'll manage to pay up the difference.

here is the link:


I have done this already, I call exemption. <___<

try to disguise yourself as a package and get there via mail
Protip: punch air holes into the package to prevent suffocation

I love helping people

@Dante_Butler to be honest, I seriously considered that. XDD

@QueenHaruhi can you not get a part time job or something for the funds?

@Keri I am working at the library at school and I'm tutoring. I am trying to save up some money but my parents end up asking me for it. =...=;;

@QueenHaruhi I have a great answer to that!! Wait...wait it's a great answer.....hold on......................don't give it to them.

@EarlGrey yeah easier said than done. -.- parents use the money for food gas and bills.

GO GO QUEENY D: ! I wish I can give you money :<


That's THEIR responsibility, not yours, seriously. If they're going to pull that shit on you then you need to move out or something, because it's your hard work and the money you earned.

@NGH until I get a better job that could sustain myself, that's exactly what I'll do. best part. my dad's unemployed.
-__- so our home income is my mom's paycheck, and whatever I make.

i dunno if this advice helps but... have you tried call centres or marketing jobs? they pay good cash or probably a job that gives you enough hours a day like a restaurant as a waitress. in an average, they pay something like $9-$10 minimum per hour. imagine in 10-20 days how much that is for a 5-10hour per day sched. it might be enough for both you and your family. it'll be tough though.

I can't give any advice or comments about love or jobs (since I'm barely hanging on to both, well actually love is over, the job is okay)
I shall bump up your thread for great justice, and when my paycheck is in I can see about giving you what I can.

I'd donate to this if Paypal would work for once.
Sorry, I'll try to donate when I get this fixed D:


I'm in the same situation :/ I really wanna go to England to meet this guy, money isn't an issue but time is. Plus I'm not sure he'd like me the same in person :c

@Makoto_fujimoto I would be in sort of a simular situation as you, but because I'm too much of a retard, I guess I don't have to worry about that >_< doh...

Aw :c

I want to help... but.. not only i'm broke.. is also don't have any medium to send the money.. >__<

Want But Cant Sorry D: TT_TT

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