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May I doodle for you? (Thread)

Well hello people of colorless, since I have absolutely nothing to do, please tell me what to draw.. :)
I will just wait on my turtle until its time to draw.

Can I request anything random?


Then can I see a crab and a bee having a tea party?

Please draw me relaxing in a hotpot.
If you need a reference:

bee and crab tea party..sorry its crap. :P crabs are hard to draw.


Thank you.

a penguin riding a turtle

Draw me surfing on a crocodile please! ^_^

@animeftw Here is your doodle. :)sorry if it sucks.i just woke up

OMFG awesome (*right Clicks and saves)

@KibaKiba abusing crocodiles. i did not know what you looked like so i used what i could of your icon. :)

Oh! Would you mind drawing me being awesome and shiny~~~~? :D

Please and thank you~ <3

Feel free to doodle for me ;D

A quick doodle for @RandgleGoose

@youBAKA being awesome and shiny...i used ur icon...hope thats ok :)
i kinda messed you up..sorreh.

@mimiki: whoa~! keeewl, i love it xD thank you~!

@Mimiki Could I have me riding a cloud surrounded by flying cakes and panda cubs and music? ^.^

@Kagu..i didnt know what you looked like or what your gender i made. a person like thing? ha. i hope you like it.

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