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May I doodle for you? (Thread) - Page 3

@Mimiki: Wow, it's fast @.@ I expected them to be more aggressive, though or try to stay as far from each other as possible ^^ But thanks a lot for trying, i may ask for more, if u don't mind...

@Chrysan yea sure...but it might take me a while since i have alot of requests...

@Mimiki: ok, i'll wait until it's cool down a bit, then, haven't thought of anything yet anyway

Draw me on a throne when you have time. <3

@Mimiki: Thanks beforehand. :))

@KibaKiba: Oh, you! /cuddle Saved my day, again!

mimiki: kagu as a Kagu..... hes ava and i wanna ride on a big frog then ..

I wish I can doodle like you ):

sorry everyone I have no time on my hands..i have HUGE test's coming up so i havent had ANY time im so sorry! i will get back to requests as soon as the tests are done! please forgive me! :'(

is this request thread still open? c:

@Mimiki please let us know when you are available, I want a doodle for myself too

can u doodle me with a pedobear in love~

Doodle my Gravitar? With a mustache!... That is all.

Can you draw me a short guy wearing a black wrench hat and both his hands are in his white coat pocket :). Thank you soooo much xD love your works ♥♥♥

If it's not too much trouble, could you draw a turtle and a penguin eating cake? Any cake is fine.

Your doodles are awesome, @Mimiki. :D I would love to request, but I figure you've got enough waiting. XD

Maid with iced chains please ;w;

I wonder if Mimiki is still active... And we're all asking for things that will never come ._.

CAN YOU DRAw me eating a cookie?
i really want 1 right now..

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