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"Who we are" - VOTE NOW, MMKAY. (Thread) - Page 3

Which one best describes who we are?



We're just a bunch of bored people on the internet having some fun.

Oh yay I wrote B ^^ I feel like i'm making such a big contribution lol.

I like the @Gargon quote. Sounds...deep O.o and I'm loving the new glasses

All of they types expect for A sound too serious for a about page on a FORUM, A is light hearted and tells what it is about (I personally feel)


Im with onedollar, we sometimes do serious stuff but we mainly goof around so I think a is best

Oh god, of course everyone would go for the anon influenced one.

@Haikku And that really bothers me. None of B applies to CL.

There you go, @Gargron.

Sadly enough this site is just the better people of 4chan. . . . . it makes me want to cry T_T

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